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  1. Why did God’s Spirit hover over the dark waters of the earth? (1:2)
  2. What is the doctrine of eternal security?
  3. Why did Jesus ask Simon Peter to feed his lambs and then ask him to feed his sheep? Is there a difference between a lamb and a sheep concerning the faith?
  4. What is the greatest challenge that the church faces today?
  5. What are the sacrifices of righteousness?
  6. How do we respond to criminal behavior? Do we speak out against it?
  7. What does the Apostle John mean when he writes, "God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son"?
  8. What is doctrine?
  9. Will the Roman Catholic institution go through the tribulation?
  10. According to the context of Hebrews 4:10, from what did God rest?

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  5. He’s Only “Mostly Dead,” not “All Dead”

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Question by Steven Graf

How long did the ten plagues of Egypt last?

Exodus 11:1 - 10

1 Vote February 23 2018 Follow Vote Up

Question by B H Bell

Why does Paul call Jesus the first to rise from the dead when other people had been raised from the dead, such as Lazarus?

Why does the apostle, Paul, in his defense in Acts 26, starting mid-verse 22 thru 23, refer to Old Testament prophesies saying, "I am saying nothing beyond w...

Acts 26:22 - 23

February 23 2018 2 Answers Follow Vote Up

Question by Jeremy Low

Who is Zebedee?

James and John are the sons of Zebedee

Mark 1:19

February 23 2018 1 Answer Follow Vote Up

Question by Anonymous

Who chose the books that make up the Bible?

1 Vote February 22 2018 Follow Vote Up

Question by Gabriel Adams

When Jesus died, did he go to hell?

1 Vote February 21 2018 Follow Vote Up

Question by Anonymous
Question by John Adamson

Who are the nations which will be the sheep?

Which nations will be classed as the "sheep" when Jesus returns?

Matthew 25:31 - 46

1 Vote February 17 2018 2 Answers Follow Vote Up

Question by Connie Shaddy
Question by Anonymous

What is the purpose of tithing?

Malachi 3:8

1 Vote February 17 2018 5 Answers Follow Vote Up