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What is eBible about?

eBible aims to capture all the answers, to all the questions, about all the verses in the Bible. And some day, to translate these to all the languages in the world, as well.

The greatest challenge many Christians face today is understanding the Bible. While there are many good study resources in the forms of commentaries, dictionaries, and concordances, sometimes all we need is to be able to just ask someone a question.

We believe the best way to understand any complex and multi-layered issue is to seek clarity through different perspectives. God's truth is sometimes beyond what any one person can handle. No individual or group may claim monopoly on His complete wisdom. But collectively we may all add a valuable piece to the puzzle as we strive for something closer.

We see through the lens of our experience and validate our understanding through it. Not all of us can walk the same path as Moses, Elijah, or Paul did. But each of us, through our different gifts, anointing and experience, may contribute to a greater truth. It is my hope that this greater truth will prevail. This is what we seek at eBible.

Colin Wong
CEO, eBible