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What is the shortest verse in the bible?

Asked September 11 2013 5 Answers Asked By Jason Stanlake Mulama

Can women prophesy?

Asked September 11 2013 3 Answers Asked By kathy clark

Did Moses die or was he resurrected?

Asked September 11 2013 3 Answers Asked By Richard Heslop

Can a Christian keep sinning?

Asked September 11 2013 17 Answers Asked By priva map

What did Paul mean when he asked the Corinthians about what they have and received?

Asked September 11 2013 2 Comments 2 Answers Asked By Olga Camarillo

Are weak people used by God?

Asked September 11 2013 2 Answers Asked By Anonymous

Why will the impure spirit return with seven other wicked spirits?

Asked September 10 2013 3 Answers Asked By Anonymous

Does the New Testament address tithing?

Asked September 10 2013 18 Answers Asked By Gary Loyd

Is Reuel the same as Jethro (Moses' father-in-law)?

Asked September 10 2013 1 Answer Asked By K. German

What is the symbolism of the Lamb and the 144,000 in Revelation 14:1?

Asked September 09 2013 6 Answers Asked By Anonymous

How can the gospel be preached to the dead?

Asked September 09 2013 1 Comment 6 Answers Asked By Shushant Mojumdar