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Who created the first Bible?

Asked September 08 2013 8 Answers Asked By Lovan Sherman

How long did it take God to create the world?

Asked September 07 2013 15 Answers Asked By Anonymous

Are the NIV and KJV not God's true word?

Asked September 07 2013 9 Answers Asked By Brittney Earl

Did not Jesus say "peace I leave you, peace I give you" in John 14:27?

Asked September 06 2013 7 Answers Asked By Pat Wood

Does Acts 13:48 prove election of some and not others?

Asked September 05 2013 5 Answers Asked By DONALD FRISBIE

Romans 14 talks about "food" and "days." What food and what days are being talked about?

Asked September 05 2013 4 Answers Asked By Anonymous

Why didn't Mordecai bow to the king?

Asked September 05 2013 4 Answers Asked By allison golden

Which is the best book in the Bible to recommend for a new Christian to read?

Asked September 03 2013 6 Comments 29 Answers Asked By Mark Davies

What are God's demands for a born-again Christian?

Asked September 02 2013 6 Answers Asked By Shirley Reed

What happens once we die?

Asked September 02 2013 16 Answers Asked By Frank Garcia

Which side of Adam was the rib taken to create Eve?

Asked September 02 2013 3 Answers Asked By Mary Richards

What archeological evidence has there been for the historicity of the Bible?

Asked September 01 2013 6 Answers Asked By Anonymous

What does the Bible say about the idea of ancient aliens?

Asked September 01 2013 8 Answers Asked By Jack Sternberg

Why does the bible tell us to do things that seem impossible to do?

Asked August 31 2013 1 Comment 5 Answers Asked By Ryan Lowe

How did David try to honor Rizpah and the family of Saul?

Asked August 31 2013 1 Answer Asked By lorraine goode

Is there anywhere that tells us in Scripture we are actually 'leaky vessels'?

Asked August 29 2013 3 Comments 3 Answers Asked By Donna Cornell