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Is it ok to talk to the dead at the grave site?

Asked September 17 2013 9 Answers Asked By Rev. C.H. Cooper

Is speaking in tongues for unbelievers?

Asked September 17 2013 2 Comments 6 Answers Asked By Kabelo Mathatho

What does it mean that "you shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead"?

Asked September 17 2013 3 Comments 9 Answers Asked By Olga Camarillo

What does Jesus mean by comparing the wind to a person born from the spirit?

Asked September 16 2013 1 Comment 11 Answers Asked By Evelyn Ayodele

What do the four wheels mean?

Asked September 16 2013 2 Answers Asked By Rebecca Graham

Can angels have sex with human women?

Asked September 16 2013 5 Comments Asked By Larry Campbell

Is the word "rapture" in the Bible?

Asked September 16 2013 10 Answers Asked By Della Wells

Who did David believe was going to be the Messiah?

Asked September 15 2013 2 Answers Asked By Mary Vockrodt

Are we supposed to be pushovers because we are Christians?

Asked September 15 2013 3 Comments 3 Answers Asked By Joe Glascock

Did Abraham ever dwell in a house, or merely tents?

Asked September 15 2013 1 Answer Asked By Norman Garwood

When did Adam decide to call the first woman, Eve?

Asked September 15 2013 3 Answers Asked By Carol Crook

Which is correct? "IF you believe, THEN you are saved" or "You're saved! Believe it!"!"

Asked September 14 2013 1 Comment 5 Answers Asked By Warren Malach

How was Jesus "justified in the Spirit"?

Asked September 14 2013 2 Answers Asked By Warren Malach