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Why did God have babies dashed in pieces and pregnant women ripped open?

Asked May 15 2013 5 Answers Asked By Anonymous

Has God has planned every event of my life?

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Is every animal blessed for human consumption?

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Why should wives submit to their husbands?

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Who was Clement?

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Why did Abraham lie that Sarah was his sister?

Asked May 11 2013 2 Answers Asked By Anonymous

Did God "create evil" when He created the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

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Who is Baalam?

Asked May 11 2013 1 Answer Asked By Macari Carido jr

Why is Jesus God?

Asked May 10 2013 13 Answers Asked By Ed Waters

Why are witches not allowed to live?

Asked May 10 2013 6 Answers Asked By Anna Ferguson