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Can you be a murderer and a Christian?

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What ever became of the Ark of the Covenant?

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Does a believer ever become perfect?

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How many more prophecies must be fulfilled before Jesus returns?

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Is divorce allowed in the Bible?

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If God is all knowing why did He have to test them?

Asked June 22 2013 3 Answers Asked By Anonymous

Are protestant churches dying?

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What does Pentecost mean?

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What or Who is Sheol? Is it Satan?

Asked June 21 2013 6 Answers Asked By Anonymous

How can I justify evolution of man with God creating man?

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What does the Bible say about remarriage?

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How does one know one has the Holy Spirit? What are the signs?

Asked June 19 2013 3 Comments 21 Answers Asked By Phenyo Mathale

What are the beatitudes?

Asked June 18 2013 1 Answer Asked By Bill Clampett