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Jennifer Rothnie

Housewife, Artist, Perpetually Curious
I came to Christ sometime when I was three - but I don't actually remember the day or what I said. I just know that afterwards I walked with God and knew I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior; that He had died to cover my sins; and told everyone so. I was first drawn to God because God was just and true. I knew the world did not operate by its own rules sometimes, and that I was not perfect either. Only a just God could save me, and He had sent His son to do so.

I've been able to attend many different denominations over the years, due to attending church with grandparents, or moving to a new area, or meeting times. My favorite Bible Study group I used to attend was one made up of believers who came from many different denominations, who met at a house to study the word. [If there was ever a topic that had too much denominational friction to discuss, we would have a separate 3 hour + "Can of worms" discussion, with a moderator, to really dive into the scriptures! Those were very fun].

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How can I reconcile my understanding of God and salvation with predestination?

Firstly, it is important to remember that any specific man-made theory or...

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How do I know what gifts God gave me?

There are a number of ways to help narrow down and pinpoint the spiritual...

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What is a Christian Agnostic?

Self-proclaimed 'Christian agnostics' generally believe that Jesus was a real...

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How should a Christian respond to illegal aliens/illegal immigrants?

When dealing with controversial matters of Earthly nations and kingdoms, it...

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What is liberal Christian theology?

'Liberal Christian Theology' is not a monolithic system of belief. The term...

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What advice does scripture give about mental tics and OCD thoughts that loop and repeat, unbidden and unwanted?

Mental tics and repeating thoughts are incredibly difficult to live with, as...

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Under the law given to the Israelites, why was mutilation the punishment for a woman who seized the genitals of a man attacking her husband?

While God doesn't go into great detail on all the laws He gave, flipping the...

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In light of Gal 3:12, is paying a tithe of 10 percent obeying the law or of faith?

 The term 'tithe' means tenth, such as when Abraham tithed ten percent of the...

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Can natural, fallen man do anything that is spiritually good?

No amount of 'righteous works' can save a person, since no one can achieve...

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Should a protestant support the communion of a child?

It would depend on whether that child was a believer or not in Christ. If the...

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What evidence is there to back the inclusion of Revelation in the canon of scripture?

The book of Revelation enjoyed a widespread, positive reception in the early...

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