Why do Jehovahs Witness teach that, "Jesus Christ returned invisibly and began to rule in heaven as king in October 1914?"


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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Supporter Shomer
In my humble opinion they operate first on a loose, false, ever-changing doctrine (a doctrine of demons) and second standard mind control use on their captive victims.

Hosea 4:6
All Watch Tower Society leadership and all their new light teachings from the holy city of Brooklyn are never allowed to be questioned from inside their walls.

And now a bit of history for your answer. On 28 July 1914 the great war, the war to end all wars, began where or when no smart person of the time thought or imagined it could!

By September 1914 a military stalemate of three massive armies was established and the murderous attrition of trench warfare was the order of the day.

Now as these armies were actively attempting to outflank each other, their troops and trenches would spread from Switzerland to the English channel.
November 1914 saw a battlefield that, despite millions of casualties, wouldn't be fundamentally altered by the addition of many million more casualties until 1918.

Truly it must have seemed like the end of the world, and for many millions it was, but what of those left behind, now fatherless and widowed questioning their faith?

Mark 13:5
It's on to this world stage that the Watch Tower Society brings forth their new light teaching that their Christ has returned and of course, chosen and given to them esoteric knowledge (understandable by only an enlightened inner circle or private knowledge).

Matthew 22:29
Now consider these selling points, that by becoming a JW you may avoid all the perils of stopping hot enemy metal with your body, as you are not permitted to serve in any military while still maintaining an appearance of godliness ministering to the widowed, fatherless! Not to mention, what you'll save on celebration expenses for birthdays and Christmas, also never having to worry about those silly cards again. Man what a deal.

Psalms 84:10
Considering all the crackpot predictions made by the society over their rather short time cult period one thing is clear: Deceptive cults work best when fear and confusion reign in peoples lives.

In the Lord's freedom and peace always..................warrior on

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