How can I do good works if I am unable to leave my home?

I am totally disabled and it is too painful to move about much. With my condition, I'm laying down most of the day.

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Closeup Jennifer Rothnie Supporter Housewife, Artist, Perpetually Curious
I was pretty-much housebound and suffered chronic pain for a number of years; here are some of the things I learned in that period:

 Good works do not have to be in person . My sister told me a story once to encourage me, of a woman who through illness got worse and worse. She lost the ability to walk, then to move, then to feed or clothe herself, and even to see. At the end, she could only hear and blink to communicate. Yet, the more she got worse physically, the more she did spiritually. She began praying for others, her sister, her family, her friends, her church mates. Eventually, others saw God working in their lives and brought prayers to her sister to read to her. Towards the end, she was praying for thousands, who all felt blessed by her encouraging prayers and could see God working through her intercessory prayer.

Since at the time I could not walk without a walker, and some days was chair-ridden, this was a very meaningful story to me. I realized that even if I could not do great things physically, I could help in other ways. 

 Good works do not have to be physical  Intercessory prayer, Bible Study, encouragement, exhortation, being kind to others, forgiving, listening etc - none of these things take a strong body, but can have more meaningful impact than the greatest of physical or monetary feats. Even posting on eBible helps others!

 Good works do not have to be "big works" 

Even seemingly little things can be used for a large impact. For example, an encouraging card can brighten someone's day. A donated or made outfit can clothe someone who has nothing. Time spent with someone can lift their depression or ease their thoughts. A surprise gift can remind someone that you are thinking of them. Perhaps you can't help someone move furniture, but can you mail them a welcome card or basket to their new address, or send a congratulating e-card? 

 It's ok to let others bless us with good works, too  If someone else contributes resources like money, food, assistance, time, etc - that's ok! They are blessed spiritually for helping us just as we are physically blessed by them. I used to have a lot of pride in this regard, and would stay at home rather than ask friends to help me to get to places. Yet, over time I learned that my stubbornness was actually keeping them from the opportunity to offer a blessing.

 Good works come in many forms 

I used to have a strong passion to be a missionary, and assumed God would just heal me if I went, because He could. However, doors were always shutting in my face because of my health. At first, I was angry at all the people who wouldn't let me go, especially when I know of many disabled missionaries. I didn't realize that God was teaching me something different: it is not 'better' to be a missionary than it is to be the one praying for or supporting the missionary. While the desire to reach the lost was good, my desire to do it my own way was bad. I could financially support, pray for, encourage, and advertise a missionary, I did not 'have' to be the one going myself. My mom also writes to missionaries and to persecuted Christians.

While being stuck at home is difficult, it does not mean we cannot do good in the larger church community. The internet is a great help in this.

 Opportunities for good works come frequently, but one has to be proactive in looking  This is another area I struggled in, as I tended to mope and not help unless something fell directly into my lap. Eventually, God taught me that I need to be seeking other people out for fellowship, and seeking out opportunities to help, vs. Worrying about feeling disconnected or having nowhere to serve. This isn't very easy, sometimes you have to make your own tasks and own ministry; but its invaluable for using one's gifts alongside other believers.

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Hand to hand combat Michael Brown President of Senior Citizen Ministry Hopewell Baptist Church
Hello child of God, like you I am totally and permanently disabled. I survived a traumatic brain injury on June 4th 2006. I was in different therapies until May 29 2008. 

After I finished therapy I took some classes on the Bible at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. The secretary at school sends prayers to the students every day. The Holy Spirit spoke to me one day & told me to share those prayers with others. After I heard that I began copying them & emailing them to my Yahoo email contacts. That was the birth of the ministry I founded called Knee-Mail Ministry. The name references both a common position of prayer (on knees) & the way I send them (by email). One lady I sent prayers to said it was like the prayer was written specifically for her because it addressed problems she was dealing with. Of course I had no idea what was going on but I didn't have to because He knew. If you, or anyone, would like to join Knee-Mail Ministry all you have to do is send an email request to me at kneemailministry@yahoo.com and/or join my Knee-Mail Ministry Facebook group! 

In the world today you can do so many things from home over the Internet. You can also evangelize to others by writing a book about how God has guided you in life. One night He told me to write a speech called Take 2. I read that speech to the Senior Citizen Ministry the following Tuesday. 

With the technology available today the possibilities are endless. If you ask God to open a door for you to serve I'm sure he will. 

May He lead you to a great ministry. 

God bless,

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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Shomer
In my humble opinion my brother(or sister) your experience in apologetics is needed within God's troops and foot soldiers in these last days, now more than at anytime in our history.

Everyone can do something and by answering or posting questions on this site; you open doors of communication between God's kingdom people everywhere.
People from lands where they're free to speak from their heart and sadly others not so free to speak, but never the less for a moment hope is renewed and iron is sharpened.

1 Cor. 16:13
We're in an asymmetrical battle (irregular in shape or outline) against a demonic enemy that fights with no rules, other than victory at any price!
On such a landscape this cosmic battle rages and even the walking wounded are called to carry a sword and fight, sadly most of humankind can't be bothered just now.
(fall tv season and then rerun city, you know :-)

I look forward to any future posts, and consider that in times past that a gentlemen's standing within civil polite society, was determined to a degree by the edge maintained on his sword (What one labors to maintain, over time one becomes very good with).

In the Lord's freedom iron sharping iron..................warrior on

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Mini vanessa pannuti
In my opinion you can pray, that is very important. Salvation is not attained through "good works," but "good works" are the natural result of a life lived by faith. I always look at voluntary work to do, and I noticed a lot of organisations looking for telephone support volunteers; to offer support to the bereaved, the elderly and the depressed. 

I can think of the Samaritans, but there are others you could get in touch with. Whatever their need is, I think that talking to someone who has faith gives strength of heart. You may be able to find some volunteering opportunity even over the Internet as a support worker or a co-ordinator, using the computer. A voice over the phone is very important to those in need of assistance, the people who deal with 999 calls are even life savers. I hope you will find something suitable.

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Mini Jean Email Believer
You have already received some great ideas above. Here are a few more:

1. Volunteer for a prayer watch where you will commit to praying for a specific cause on a regular basis. God hears our prayers and acts on them. For example, there are now reports of miraculous conversions in countries like Iran and North Korea probably in a large part to the prayers of faithful Christians.
2. Volunteer to collect extra bibles people don't need, perhaps once a year and ship them off to places where poor children need one. I remember being 9 years old (over 30 years ago) and praying daily for a bible for several months because we could not get any in our country back then because they were too expensive. There are still children out there in the world in rural schools in Asia and Africa who would love nothing more than a bible.
3. You could also find a school in Africa or Asia that could introduce you to children you can write letters to a few times a year, teaching them about the Lord and encouraging them in their spiritual walk, maybe sending them tracts, pens and bibles occasionally.
4. You could use your computer to visit some atheist/agnostic chat rooms and evangelize and have discussions with them about God and correct misconceptions; although this is very draining work as you are sure to receive a modern day flogging, at least they have received the Word and it's now up to them to decide what to do with it.

Whatever you decide to do, pray for guidance from the Lord. He sees your desire and He can use anybody in any situation for His glory.

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Mini Debra B
I think this is a question you are asking others, but the Holy Spirit wants to show you something about yourself. There is a resource you haven't even considered meaningful, something so common and accessible, that you cannot see how it would be useful for His kingdom, but ask Him and He will show you. It has to do with your gifting. An ability to handle something differently, a response you did that brought the smile of God upon you...there is something good waiting for you. It might be as common as what others here have mentioned, but likely it is particular to your identity in Christ. Seek His kingdom...update Him in prayers on what is bothering your heart. Let Him show you His heart for the situation you are reporting on---even the news! Then eventually you will find the niche where your gifting fits. Blessings to you!

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Stringio Vincent Mercado Supporter Skeptic turned believer, Catholic, father of 3
St Therese of Lisieux experienced the same pain that you feel. 

She wanted to be a missionary like the Jesuits, to proclaim the word of God, but she was struck with an illness and had to be confined in the convent. She saw the limitations of all her efforts. She remained small and very far off from the unfailing love that she would wish to practice. She understood then that it was on this very littleness that she must learn to ask God's help. 

So instead, she devoted herself to the smallest acts of charity and caring for others, doing small services, without making a show of them. The smallness of Therese, her limits, became in this way grounds for joy, more than discouragement. 

“Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.” - The Little Flower

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Mini Laura Smith
All of the above comments have great suggestions and have covered a lot of ways to love others. One thing I'd like to add is that allowing others to care for you too, can be a blessing to them in more ways than we can imagine. We don't want to feel like a burden to others or have them be kind out of an obligatory feeling, but we can be humble enough to allow them the honor of being servants.

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Image Lori powers
The first and greatest ministry we have is unto the Lord. Therefore Good works is first coming before the Lord and fully submitting ourselves to Him to the point that we yield, (give Him, and Holy Spirit the right of way in our lives) and in that place of going into the inner courts of worship to Him in your own home. Praise and Worship the Lord and let His glory come upon you. Invite Him to have His way in you as His vessel, asking Him to aline you with the prayers of Jesus, for you are an ambassador of Christ; His rep on earth to come into agreement with Him. Let Holy Spirit lead you to pray for whatever needs to be prayed, for this is the greatest ministry one could have. There are ministers and missionaries that need prayer. There are the back slidden, and the lost who need pray. Prayers and repentance for the nation and leaders. Praying for revival to come. 
Oh how glories the good works are that you can do in the throne room! Ask the Lord to do this through you, and be faithfully committed and you will be amazed at what He shows you and how He leads you. 
God bless and catapult you higher and deeper and all your needs be met according to His riches and glory, on earth as it is in heaven! Amen

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Pic ashley fierro
If this gets posted then let me say thank you so much for allowing this post, I really am blessed that you allowed me to share this.

I had no idea I was going to even share my opinion; I came on here searching for an answer not to give one (not that this is an answer). 

After reading everyone's comments I was encouraged to share this. I am grateful that you all took time out to share. Thank you. Anyone reading this, if you are feeling "STUCK" remember it's all part of the story and God is the author, and his books are #1 best seller. 

Your situation is not your final destination. God is good at turning things around in a blink of an eye. So, what do you do in this moment? A whole lot of trusting! Keep yourself busy making videos and post them to encourage others who are feeling "STUCK." Make funny videos or Christian videos and post them on Instagram or Tic-Tok. If you're a female there are plenty of products out there to use and sell online on fb, i.g, and Tic Tok and work from home. Ask God to point you to the direction and trust me y'all he will!

Trust your story is the greatest on the shelf! One love!

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