How can I do good works if I am unable to leave my home?

I am totally disabled and it is too painful to move about much. With my condition, I'm laying down most of the day.

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God knows the condition that we are in, but he also knows our hearts, now you might ask what am I talking about,? well, though you may not be able to get around like many, but you can still be kind, say good morning, maybe even smile, amen?

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Praise the Lord sis, just because you live in London doesn't mean that this is where you will be for the rest of your life, AMEN? It only means that there is something there that God wants you wants you to learn, so what I am saying is that God knows when to use you and for what purpose, AMEN?

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Mini vanessa pannuti

I agree with you. I live in London and there are a lot of charity organisations seeking pen friends for prisoners or young offenders in rehabilitation centres; there is a lot of activity that can be done by communicating to people we meet during our daily life and refreshing their faith in Christ. A believer is a benefit to others.

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Mini vanessa pannuti

Thank you, I agree with you there is plenty of opportunity to follow God's purpose and most of time is right next to us but we fail to see it clearly.

November 24 2014 Report

Data Erik Scanlan

Jennifer's response is such a great testimony that no answer I can give will do this topic any further justice. I can only add more good relative information, some of which is covered already.

Acknowledge that all you do is in the name of Jesus Christ and so do it with love. Too much that is given, much is expected and to who receives little, less is expected.

But for Jennifer, you are blessed as you have very little in physical powers but are doing more than people such as myself that have more capability.

This is a lesson not just to the disabled but also to those who are enabled physically, that they should do more!

Jesus called us to live a life by the spirit of he himself who was raised. We are saved through confessing our belief that Jesus is the one and only way to have forgiveness of our sins. Through the Holy Spirit and our acknowledgment we are sanctified and must strive to stay pure and holy.

Do everything Holy in Jesus name and spread his message to all he leads you towards that need to hear the gospel. Build treasure in Heaven as the things on this Earth will pass away and we cannot take them with us.

I pray for all of you posting here that this is the reality and that I can follow this in a way myself that hopefully one day soon come reflect my testimony spoken through me by the Lord right here. I could learn quite a bit from all on this thread as I find it inspiring and send you my love as Brothers in Christ.

I am not sure if Brothers in Christ is inclusive of woman but I think it is. I do not remember reading Sisters in Christ in the Bible so I think maybe Brothers in Christ is including ALL who are saved. Something I can learn more about.

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Mini James Kraft

All physical pain and loss are given by God to us for His own purpose known only to Him. The book of Job gives understanding.

When we have nothing to do but to trust in Jesus, then we can praise Him for what He has done in saving us poor sinners. Jesus said we can do nothing with out Him. We have to learn that it is true. When we can do nothing, then we rely upon His work and not our own works.

When Joseph was thrown in prison for doing good, God had a purpose in it. Not all suffering is because of sin in our lives. But it does have a purifying effect. It is when we learn to trust Him because we can do nothing. Paul said to count it all joy when we suffer. Paul was beaten, shipwrecked, and thrown in prison. But while in prison He wrote his letters to the churches, which brings us to much of the new testament.

If you are going through trials and tribulation, trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.

Trials and tribulation are not fun, but a necessary part of the Christian life. Without them we would not learn to trust in Jesus alone.

January 14 2017 Report

Mini barbretta marshall

I have certainly enjoyed all the responses and ideas I have read here today. Our God is amazing and if you ask Him he will certainly make a way for you. My granddaughter has CP and this will encourage her and give her ideas too. God bless you all and thank you for your responses.

October 04 2020 Report

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