What does the Bible say about the ice age?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The Bible doesn't explicitly mention the Ice Age. It wasn't something that had much impact upon the writers of the Bible as they all lived in the Middle East, a region far south of the continental ...

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Philip medium Philip Davies
The Bible has nothing to say about the Ice Age.

Therefore all speculation about the ice age is human and no human view should be taken as authoritative. All human viewpoints are challengeable and everyone should be free to accept or reject them without censure from others.


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Nils 1 Nils Jansma Supporter Missionary in San Diego California
What does the Bible say about the ice age? If you do a word search in the Hebrew Scriptures of the NIV translation, you will fine the word “Ice” only occurs 4 time and “snow”, 18 times. Not once in these occurrences does it appear to be referring to conditions we would associate with an “ice age.” So, it would appear that any evidence of an ice age must have preceded the experience of the Bible writers. This make sense because the last ice age began to disappear about 18 to 20 thousand years ago and came to a rapid concluding melt-off about 11,700 years ago.. 

We know this because a history of the ocean’s past temperatures is recorded in ocean sediments. By boring down through the accumulated ooze, fossil Foraminifera shells are analyzed to discover the ratio between two different Oxygen isotopes. This ratio determines the temperature of the surrounding water when the shells formed.

The ocean temperatures can be correlated with Ice cores which shows a time relationship between ice accumulation and ocean temperatures. One of the deepest ice cores taken in East Antarctica reached a depth of about 2 miles and was estimated by several complimentary age dating methods to cover a period of about 800,000 years.

According to earth geology, ice ages appear to start when the continents drift to various positions or other climatic conditions develop that block or reduce the warm water of the equator from flowing to the poles. This configuration allows ice sheets to start forming. The ice sheets then reflect heat back into the atmosphere reducing the local temperatures even more. This feed-back continues until an increase in green-house gases among other things interrupts the process and the earth starts warming again. This arrangement may also be influenced by a sun-earth cyclic relationship.

So, while the Bible has very little if anything to say about the ice ages, the earth itself speaks volumes.

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