How do I resolve an issue with a person who has hurt me and has no idea that they have?


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Mini Kathy Akers

I believe that you should pray to The Holy Spirit to see if it’s His will for you to talk to the person who hurt you & if so, pray for The Holy Spirit provide the words you need to talk to this person. God bless.

April 03 2020 Report

Mini Richard Jumper

How do you make the person aware that what they did hurt you as to prevent further hurt in like manner in the future? If they know not you were hurt what would prevent it from happening again? As most hurts are not intentional, forgiveness is simple in those moments but do you say nothing and allow you to continue to be hurt because they don’t know or do you tell them for the possibility that they can cease from whatever act it was that brought such pain?

May 29 2020 Report

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