How can the meek inherit the earth? (Matthew 5:5)

Matthew 5:5 ESV 
“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

Matthew 5:5

ESV - 5 Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
In my opinion, Jesus was making a reference in this verse to a similar promise contained in Psalm 37:10-11, in which "meekness" is presented as the antithesis of wickedness.

This type of meekness is not associated with timidity or cowardice, nor does it preclude the assertion of one's rights. It instead denotes patience in the endurance of wrong or suffering, and is the opposite of impulsive anger, malice, and the harboring of grudges -- attributes that will ultimately result in the downfall of those who possess them, leaving those who have been of a meek disposition (in the sense of which Jesus was speaking) to inherit all the undertakings that the proud have lost or forfeited by their rashness or presumption.

It also indicates an attitude of meekness toward God by relying on Him as the One who will right wrongs, rather than by taking personal vengeance (Deuteronomy 32:35).

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Mini Grant Abbott Child of Father, Follower of Son, Student of Spirit
This verse on meekness must be understood in context with all the verses in the Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount. In these verses (and the Sermon) Jesus is introducing the spiritual concept of the "Kingdom of God". Jesus uses 8 Word pictures to describe the activity of the kingdom of God.

Jesus introduces each verse with the word "Blessed". The use of this word in the bible means people are in the centre of God's will when they understand and obey what God is talking about (ie. Very, very important). Jesus ends each verse with a direct or indirect reference to the kingdom of God, so we know in each case that Jesus is talking about the activity of the kingdom of God.

In my view, Jesus is using these 8 verses to answer 3 essential questions about the kingdom of God:
1) How do people enter the kingdom of God?
2) How does the kingdom of God grow people to become spiritually mature and complete?
3) How does the kingdom of God transform the world we live in?

Verses 3 to 6 show us 4 signposts on the road to salvation, to entering the kingdom of God. The poor are those who recognise the spiritual poverty and need of salvation. Those who mourn are sorry for their sins, confessing and repenting of them. Those who are meek are willing to accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and surrender to him as the Lord of their life. Those who hunger and thirst want to have a right relationship with God and he gives them his Holy Spirit as a seal and guarantee of their salvation.

Verses 7 to 10 give us 4 signposts to show us how our efforts, through the church, will transform the world we live in. We are merciful to everyone we meet, delivering God's love and grace to them. We reveal what it looks like to be a Christian by being pure in heart, our personal holiness displaying the image of Christ for the world to see. Our mission to proclaim the gospel, reconciles people to God and to one another, bringing peace to the world. Our mission to advance the kingdom of God brings justice, righteousness, love and faithfulness, while we push back the presence of evil, wickedness, corruption and decay; which results in a great spiritual battle with the forces of darkness, who try to stop us at all costs.

All 8 verses together give us a road map to spiritual maturity. We start as infant Christians and become leaders in the kingdom of God. We recognise our daily dependence on Jesus (poverty); we daily seek God's forgiveness and cleansing for our sin (mourn); We daily submit to the lordship of Jesus and follow his lead (meek); We hunger and thirst to be filled with the Holy Spirit, the wisdom and power of God (filled); We extend God's love and mercy to everyone we meet (merciful); we show the world the transformation in our lives that Jesus has completed (purity); we share the gospel and the word of our testimony to help people make peace with God and each other (peace); and we persevere by faith in God, in spite of persecution and opposition, to complete our mission in the world (persecuted).

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