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Grant Abbott

Child of Father, Follower of Son, Student of Spirit
A Christian since 1984
Married with 3 adult boys
Member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance
Lay Leader of Men's Ministry for ten years
Spiritual gifts of leadership, teaching, administration, intercessory prayer and prophecy
Retired accountant
Serving as ESL teacher for new immigrants

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What was the state of the earth before creation?

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1). The earth...

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Do Christians have the ability today to lay hands on the sick and they recover?

What the bible says is true for all time (2Timothy 2:16-17). Jesus said his...

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What commands or examples to follow are there in the Bible to "exalt the Lord"?

When we look to the New Testament for guidance on how to exalt the Lord, we...

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What does "bind them as a sign on your hand" mean in regards to the law in Deuteronomy 6:8?

When we read this verse in context from the beginning of chapter 6 the...

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What are some ways COVID-19 could transform us for better or for worse?

Every experience in a Christian’s life, every event and circumstance, affects...

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In what way are Christians more than conquerors? (Romans 8:37)

In human warfare between opposing kingdoms, there is always a series of...

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What do we have to give up to inherit eternal life? (Luke 18:18–30)

I believe all people need to give up 2 things to inherit eternal life; 1)...

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Why are God’s people strangers on earth? (Psalm 119:19)

We are aliens and foreigners and strangers on this earth because our...

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Why are all Christians hypocrites? Are all Christians hypocrites?

All Christians are hypocrites every time we judge other people by the...

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How does finding refuge under God's wings in Psalm 91:4 relate to seeing the punishment of the wicked in Psalm 91:8-9, if, in fact, it does?

Moses is the likely author of this Psalm according to Jewish tradition. Moses...

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