Is it wrong to take Catholic communion at a wedding if I am a Baptist?

As a baptist if I go to a Catholic wedding should I take communion?

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Mini Mike Thompson

My experience has been that Catholic churches here where I live in Central Texas are ok with anyone taking communion, both at funeral Mass and at general Mass. My concern is that, as a Christian, by partaking of communion with the R.C. church, one is saying they agree with the belief of transubstantiation, which Catholics adhere to without wavering. Paul warned against those who "preach a gospel other than what we have preached" Gal 1:8. Could Catholics be teaching another gospel via their belief and promotion of transubstantiation? It is because of this concern, I choose to no longer participate in a Catholic Mass. I have attended a funeral Mass, however, but chose not to participate in communion for these reasons. I would love to hear other's viewpoints on the idea of whether or not teaching transubstantiation could be considered teaching a "different gospel" since it has to do with a re-sacrifice of sorts regarding the body and blood of our Lord.

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