Does the theory of Intelligent Design assume that the intelligence involved is the Christian/Jewish God?


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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
I would say that those already familiar with the Judeo-Christian God would certainly associate the source of intelligent design with Him, and perhaps promoting or espousing such a viewpoint would be acceptable in a private setting, especially one affiliated with a particular religion or denomination.

However, in a public educational context, I would think that the focus would have to be more from a scientific standpoint (involving disciplines such as mathematics, astronomy, biology, and chemistry) through calling attention (from the study of various examples and time frames) to the improbability of the order and complexity of the universe being the product of random chance or normal variation, and then letting the students draw their own conclusions, without going so far as to associate that order and complexity with any specific source (particularly, a religious source).

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Nils 1 Nils Jansma Missionary in San Diego California
Intelligent design is a fact based theory using natural causes with a design component for validity. The initial issue is not who the designer is, but that a designer is evident based upon the scientific evidence. Then, who the designer is might be the next issue to arise. 

From an evolutionary point of view, the designer could also be the result of evolution of a grander sort. It seems reasonable that if human intelligence evolved from nothing, so to speak, than why couldn’t a super intelligent designer have evolved in the same way? 

So, in my opinion, atheists cannot rationally object to the theory of intelligent design. If they believe in evolution based on natural causes, then it is entirely possible within their worldview for a super intelligence to have likewise evolved.

Their opposition is apparently based upon a personal unscientific prejudice against anything other than their unique version of evolution. They choose to ignore all evidence of a higher intelligence even though their worldview of reality could support such a hypothesis.

What they really fear is that the evolved super being could be the God of the Bible.

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Mini Kenneth Heck
The theory of Intelligent Design doesn't specify the origin of the intelligence self evident in the nature of the universe, especially life on earth. This intelligence could be a "god," angels, or even aliens (as some aliens have supposedly claimed they were involved in creating life on earth, particularly human beings). 

Determining which exact intelligence is the right one is completely beyond science and the scientific method at this time. The scientific method can't succeed where the objects of study are more intelligent than the scientists themselves.

Scientists who are also Christians have been vilified and ridiculed due to their belief in Intelligent Design by dogmatic atheists. I personally believe Intelligent Design will become more acceptable and popular in the future as further discoveries give additional support to it.

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