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John Matthews

Retired Professional Singer, Conductor and Seeker
I currently work part-time as a Director of Music and Traditional Worship at a Methodist church.  I also have a 40 voice men's chorus.  I have been a licensed auctioneer and personal property appraiser.

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What does 11:11 mean in the Bible?

Some believe that 11:11 stands for Jeremiah 11:11 and, possibly, other books...

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What does the Bible say about Christians hunting animals for sport?

I believe that hunting for sport should be outlawed. Hunting for food? God...

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What is woke theology? Is it a theology?

Woke Theology has no official meaning concerning recognized fields of study,...

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Can women serve as elders in the church?

For the sake of clarity, I am answering this question based on the assumption...

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What does putting God first really mean?

The idea of prioritizing God in a 1,2,3 type of levelling can lead to...

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Is it wrong for a married couple to have sex just for pleasure?

The marriage bed is sacred to God and there is no requirement concerning...

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Is it wrong for a couple to live together before marriage?

In this day and age, the biblical concept of marriage is foreign to Western...

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What is Buddhism and what do Buddhists believe?

To compare Buddhism and Christianity is not a wise thing to do. Siddhartha...

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Why are Christians so strongly against premarital sex?

Christians are opposed to pre-marital sex because most pre-marital sex does...

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What is the decalogue?


Comment 1 Answer Asked December 27 2021


Why would people be baptized for the dead?

In the greatest scheme of things, baptism, whether it be on a live person or...

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Is the Covid-19 vaccine the mark of the beast?

The vaccine is not the mark of the beast. Neither is it some kind of...

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Who was Mary Magdalene?

In addition to the's (Mr. Houdmann) explanation of the...

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What is the origin of the ending of the Lord's Prayer beginning with, "For thine is the kingdom....?"

The standard ending of the Lord's Prayer is not in the Bible. When was it...

Luke 11:2 - 4

2 And he said to them, "When you pray, say: "Father, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come. 3 Give us each day our daily bread.

3 Comments 1 Answer 1 Vote Asked January 11 2021