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Janet Austin

Lover of God. Right to the Soul, author
Hoping you become a vehicle for God to work miracles. Let's embrace a faith strong enough to know that painful times lead to greater things. My passion is moving people closer to God and motivating them to move others closer to God. In a world where many people don't believe in God or miracles, I hope that Right to the Soul will cause them to think again. God has proven Himself to me in ways irrefutable, and the knowledge of God and Jesus has changed by life. I wish for everyone a faith that is unshakable and a relationship with God that is empowering.  

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What is the unpardonable sin / unforgivable sin?

The unpardonable sin is blasphemy. The challenging part is defining blasphemy...

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How could Judas be included as a disciple and follower of Jesus when he had it in his heart to betray him all along?

Although it was prophesied years earlier that Judas would betray Jesus, Judas...

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Does the Bible teach situational ethics?

Situational ethics is a difficult topic to discuss. I think it can be...

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Even though I’m mad, should I give?

I’m so sorry about your miscarriage and your lack of support from your...

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What does it mean to love your neighbor as you love yourself?

To love your neighbor as you love yourself means that your actions toward...

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How does one handle conflict in a marriage (or any relationship for that matter)?

Handling conflict in a marriage/relationship: Let me begin by reminding us...

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When Jesus judges people is He only speaking forth His Father’s judgment?

Jesus’ comments in John 8 are confusing. When Jesus says in John 8:15, “I...

John 8:15

15 You judge according to the flesh; I judge no one.

Comment 2 Answers Asked August 07 2018


What is the proper way to pray?

Answering “What is the proper way to pray?” I love to start my prayers with,...

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Are we supposed to be actively looking for a spouse, or waiting for God to bring a spouse to us?

Both! When you want to find the right spouse, BECOME the right spouse. And...

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Is there any power in positive thinking?

The “power of positive thinking” can be negative or positive. Negative: When...

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Why should I not commit suicide?

Thank you to the brave people who are sharing their true stories & struggles...

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Why did God make man the head over woman if the two were created to be one flesh?

I have a couple thoughts: Maybe God made man the head over woman to challenge...

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What is the secret to walking close to God?

Pray this continually...with sincerity and a repentant heart, humbling...

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What should I do with my life after graduation?

Congratulations on your graduation! I commend you for asking for advice. I...

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