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Daniel Carlson

Pastor of the Community Bible Church in Aguila, Arizona
I was born in 1929 of "Alliance" missionary parents in Ecuador, S.A. and I'm a graduate of the Missionary Training Institute (now Nyack Bible College), in Nyack, N.Y.  My first pastorate was the Roca de Salvacion (Rock of Salvation), a Spanish church in Bronx N.Y.

I wrote and published "The Ins and Outs of Mormonism," and together with my wife Sonya, also published "Very Naughty Figs," which addresses the "King James Only Controversy" in a  humorous way, with cartoon-type drawings depicting the King James English archaisms, such as "The Lord is very pitiful." (James 5:11)

For several years I ran an accounting and tax-preparation firm in Chino Valley, AZ (and still do a little of both).

I also operated a construction firm for about 15 years, building mostly residential homes.

My weekly messages are printed up and handed out to those in attendance, as well as sent out to other interested parties.

My wife Sonya operates a small goat ranch where we currently live in Salome, AZ.  She also has a vegetable garden and a pomegranate orchard.  And we basically live off the land.

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