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What happens once we die?

As Ezra very appropriately referenced 1 Thessalonians 4, the departed spirit...

3 Comments 15 More Answers 6 Votes Asked March 15 2015


What does it mean "he despised the shame"? What is the best way to interpret that?

Deuteronomy 21:18 "If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will...

Comment 3 More Answers 2 Votes Asked March 12 2015


What does Paul mean by "according to my gospel" in 2 Timothy 2:8 and in Romans 2:16?

I understand that the word "gospel" originally represented a reward for good...

Comment 2 Votes Asked March 10 2015


Why did Jesus have no ability to work many mighty miracles in His own hometown?

I believe these are the two verses relevant to the question. Matthew 13:57 “...

Comment 4 More Answers 3 Votes Asked March 10 2015


Why do we need to confess our sins if they have already been forgiven?

I believe The Lord gave a beautiful example of the daily cleansing all...

2 Comments 7 More Answers 11 Votes Asked March 09 2015


Who is Abihu?

Abihu was Aaron's second son by Elisheba. (Exodus 6:23). He and 3 brothers...

Comment 6 More Answers 1 Vote Asked March 09 2015


What was the meaning of 5 gold tumors and 5 gold rats the Philistines sent as a 'guilt offering' aside from being the number of Philistines rulers?

Realizing their error in taking the arc of the Israelite's God and especially...

Comment 2 Votes Asked March 08 2015


Who is the angel of God speaking to Jacob?

(See Genesis 28:11-22 for background of Jacobs previous encounter with the...

1 Comments 1 More Answer 4 Votes Asked March 07 2015


What were the names of the Pharaohs in Genesis and Exodus?

Based on the research of Dr. David Hocking, he believes Pharaoh of the Exodus...

Comment 1 More Answer Asked February 26 2015


Why did God say to "replenish the earth"? What needed replenishing?

According to Strong's Concordance the word "replenish" is found two times in...

Comment Asked February 26 2015


Who is the "she/her" in this verse?

Proverbs 3:13 "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth...

Comment 5 Votes Asked February 25 2015


What does the Bible say about Lot's lineage and family?

Genesis 11:27 "These are the family records of Terah. Terah fathered Abram,...

Comment Asked February 24 2015


Why did Jesus have to experience so much suffering?

This is an attempt at answering Gary Creel's question which has been merged....

Comment 3 More Answers 4 Votes Asked February 22 2015