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Ezekiel Kimosop

Pastor, Teacher
Ezekiel Kimosop is a pastor with evangelical congregations based in Nairobi and Eldoret in Kenya. His interest is in biblical teaching and writing.  

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In the book of Job of the bible why is Elihu not guilty before God?

Job suffered devastating destruction in various dimensions as Satan attacked...

3 Comments 4 More Answers 1 Vote Asked 4 days ago


What does the Bible say about giving to the poor?

Giving to the poor is a godly thing to do but we need to exercise spiritual...

Comment 3 More Answers Asked 9 days ago


Is it a sin for a man to wear women's clothes?

Is it a sin for a man to wear women's clothes? Believers are generally called...

Comment 5 More Answers 4 Votes Asked March 17 2017


Was it important to have hands laid on to receive the Holy Spirit? Why or why not?

While it is a common or popular practice to lay hands on believers as we pray...

Comment 1 More Answer 2 Votes Asked March 03 2017


Did Jacob have more than one Daughter?

I cannot rule out the possibility that Jacob may have had more than one...

Comment 1 More Answer Asked March 03 2017


Why are there so many Bible translations, and which is the best?

I would recommend a healthy mix of older and newer Bible translations....

Comment 5 More Answers Asked February 03 2017


Does God hear a Muslim's prayer?

Yes He does, a prayer of repentance and acknowledgement that Christ is the...

Comment 1 More Answer 2 Votes Asked February 03 2017


Which is the best book in the Bible to recommend for a new Christian to read?

A new believer should be taught the gospels and selected New Testament...

Comment 27 More Answers Asked February 03 2017


Should a Christian celebrate Easter?

Whereas I concur with the view that we should abstain from mixing pagan...

9 Comments 13 More Answers 1 Vote Asked January 31 2017


How can I know if a prophecy is from God or not?

Here is the test of true prophecy from God: 1) It should be consistent with...

9 Comments 7 More Answers 7 Votes Asked January 22 2017


What are your thoughts on TBN?

I have watched a number of programs on TBN and my view is that there is a mix...

Comment 1 More Answer Asked January 12 2017


Does the Bible say anything about Russia in relation to the end times?

There is compelling evidence from the Bible and world history that...

Comment 2 More Answers Asked January 06 2017


Why did God hurt Jacob's hip?

God may have been seeking to subdue Jacob and to show him that even though he...

1 Comments 2 More Answers Asked January 06 2017


What is the end times timeline?

I subscribe to the mid tribulation theory. This theory would generally...

8 Comments 3 More Answers Asked January 05 2017


Do you think John 14:1-4 truly refers to heaven/a physical place or refers to intimacy with God?

I believe that heaven is a place with physical and spiritual dimensions...

Comment 2 More Answers 2 Votes Asked January 02 2017