Why was it that when "God's spirit" came on Saul and his men, it caused them all to prophesy by ranting in gibberish and tearing off their clothes?

This doesn't seem to me like something God would want to happen, or something we would expect to see happen when someone prophesies.

1 Samuel 19:22 - 23

MSG - 22 Fed up, Saul went to Ramah himself. He came to the big cistern at Secu and inquired, "Where are Samuel and David?" A bystander said, "Over at Naioth in Ramah. 23 As he headed out for Naioth in Ramah, the Spirit of God was on him, too. All the way to Naioth he was caught up in a babbling trance! He ripped off his clothes and lay there rambling gibberish before Samuel for a day and a night, stretched out naked. People are still talking about it: "Saul among the prophets! Who would have guessed?

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Mini Agnes Stuart

The use of the words 'babbling trance' and 'rambling gibberish' in this interpretation of the Bible are not found in any other translation. Saul prophesied because the Spirit of God spoke through him. perhaps in' tongues' although this is not specified. God can speak through a donkey, as He did to Balaam, for His own purposes so perhaps he was showing Saul that He was in control of all things, even the king.

October 11 2014 Report

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