Who was Cain's wife? Was Cain's wife his sister?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The Bible does not specifically say who Cain's wife was. The only possible answer was that Cain's wife was his sister or niece or great-niece, etc. The Bible does not say how old Cain was when he k...

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Mini Chris Pace Minister, IT guy at Goodyear Tire & Rubber
In the book of Jubilees, chapter four
9. And Cain took ’Âwân his sister to be his wife and she bare him Enoch..

BTW how come everybody asks where Cain got his wife, and nobody asks about where Seth got his? The same place, from his own family.

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Open uri20161012 21303 1c71rjd Muherman Harun I am medical doctor, pneumo-phthisiologist.
During the conversation between God and Cain, it was clear that there were other people existing other than Adam's family. Cain was banned from his home land, a fugitive and a restless wanderer when he met his wife. She obviously belongs to the people created by God on the sixth day of CREATION.

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Mini Billy P Eldred
Personally, I do not believe that she was a sister or necessarily a relative. 

When Adam is mentioned in Genesis, ir can refer to "a man", meaning Adam, the first man, or "mankind" meaning all people, male and female. 

Genesis chapter 5 verses 1 and 2 state: 
1. This is the book of the generations of Adam in the day that God created man in the likeness of God made He him. 
2. Male and female created He them and called their name Adam in the day they were created. 

Just because Adam was the first man, created and placed in the garden, does not mean he was the only man created as I believe the verses above at least imply. This accounts for where the wives of the children of Adam and Eve came from without incest. 

When Cain left the garden, he went to the land of Nod and built a city. Again this implies that there were more people there and since the Bible to me implies that Cain and Able were the first two born to Adam and Eve this only makes sense if God created others at the same time as Genesis 5 implies. 

Also, when the Bible says "In the day" they were created, this does not have to be 24 hours but an in specific period of time.

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Mini Priscilla Quarles
It is a sin for a sister and brother to have sexual intercourse Leviticus 18:6,9. It was a sin from the beginning and it's a sin now. God does not change he is the same yesterday,today and forever Hebrew 13:8,Malachi 3:6 God did not create the human race from sin.Common sense tells us we see the creation of God and its variations of his creation. In the word of God all the fruits, flowers, and trees are not named but we see them exist on earth today. Same as the human race we see red, yellow black and white. The sun did not create black people and the snow did not create white people.God created us all on the 6th day. 2nd chapter of Genesis cover the generation of the heaven when Adam was placed in the garden of Eden where he lived. 

Now Adam was the son of God and king over all the earth. The first Jesus. The only man in heaven to represent mankind there was not a suitable companion for him. God made him a woman a helpmeet, a companion to rule with him. The only purpose for Adam and Eve was to rule.God cover their nakedness with a garment of light the glory of God shined through them which cover them. After the fall that light left them and they saw each others' nakedness. Now God told Eve she will have to have children and it must be her seed and her seed will have to defeat Satan. Take back what was stolen from the Devil.

Out of the sexual union of Adam and Eve came Cain and Abel. After the death of Abel.Cain was sent to the earth where he met his wife the daughters of mankind and had children. Adam and Eve begin to have sons and daughters after the birth of Seth. Adam was 800 years old. When men begin to multiply on the face of the earth while Adam and his family was in the east of the garden of Eden in heaven where the Tree Of Life is still in the mist of the paradise of God which is located in the heavens Revelation 2:7. Where the Angel and a flaming sword keeps the way of the Tree of Life.

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Mini Jim Burk
This question demands an analysis of what many consider a Christian fundamental; namely the creation of the entire universe and everything in it during a literal sequence of six 24 hour periods. This does not appear to be a requirement of the eBible's statement of faith.

That God created through Jesus Christ all there is and all there ever will be is indeed a fundamental, but within that fundamental exists room for divergent opinions. For God to have created a universe designed in all it's wonders for his special creation, mankind, and to have done it instantaneously in what science terms the Big Bang does not deny the fundamental of God. In that first instant, God, existing outside the boundaries of time and space, could say "It is finished."

For a Christian to believe that God saw, in that first moment of time as we know it, his entire finished creation gives glory to God. God must allow for an allegorical interpretation of Genesis One by allowing the writer of Genesis to show the order of creation on the third and fourth days where the earth's fauna appears before sun and moon and stars. 

In Genesis 4 it appears Cain is living with his mother and father in the presence of The Lord. He is terrified of being cast into an outside world where possible death awaits. This passage allows for a broad range of human origins within a DNA tracking environment, but inside God's eternal creative process. Adam and Eve were created in special relationship with God. Other humans may have existed outside that relationship, and without Adam and Eve's special knowledge of God. Thus Adam and Eve are founders of God's Faith Kingdom as is Abraham. 

Thus it is possible and probably true that Cain married not his sister or cousin but an unrelated woman outside the lineage of faith.

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My picture Jack Gutknecht ABC/DTS graduate, guitar music ministry Baptist church
I taught children for 14 years at a Baptist Church in southeastern Wisconsin and had to keep it simple. So here goes:

Most people believe that Cain married his sister or his niece, and the Bible does not tell us what her name was.

Source: Who Was Cain's Wife? | Kids Answers

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