What was the exact date Jesus rose from the dead?

Then the ark rested in the seventh month, the seventeenth day of the month, on the mountains of Ararat. 
For 40 days and nights, it rained so hard that the whole world perished, except for Noah and those who were with him in the ark. At the end of 150 days, on the 17th day of the seventh month, the ark rested on the mountains of Ararat.

In Hebrew, the word “Ararat” means “the curse is reversed”. The waters of judgment receded, causing the ark to rest on the mountains of Ararat, on new ground where the curse is reversed. And it happened on the 17th day of the seventh month on the Feast of Firstfruits—wasn't that the exact date that Jesus rose from the dead 4,000 years later?

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Mini Bryan Myers Minister of the Body of Christ
I commend you for your diligent research. Most miss the fact that Jesus was raised on the Feast of Firstfruits, as well as the connection to the flood. Jesus' resurrection is the firstfruit of the dead. While Scripture records the dead being raised, all but Jesus later died and were buried. Whereas Jesus was killed and buried then rose to never ending life.

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Data Bruce Lyon Elder: Restoration Fellowship Assembly
What was the exact date Jesus rose from the dead?

Notice how old Jesus was when he was baptised:

Luke 3:21-23: And it came to pass, in all the people being baptised, Jesus also being baptised, and praying, the heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit came down in a bodily appearance, as if a dove, upon him, and a voice came out of heaven, saying, ‘Thou art My Son — the Beloved, in thee I did delight.’ And Jesus himself was beginning to be about THIRTY YEARS OF AGE, being, as was supposed, son of Joseph,

Now let's count back to when he was born.... We know he was born and two years of age when King Herod Died in 4 B.C. Yes 4 B.C. so if we count forward 30 years from 5/6 B.C. we come to 25/26 A.D. Now add 3 1/2 years for his ministry until his death and we come to Passover 28/29 A.D.

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Open uri20140201 25501 17utmp0 Helmut Fischl Retired
This is quite easily answered.
He died in the middle of Daniel’s 70th week during Passover festival on Friday. He rose on Sunday morning, the first day of the week, thereafter.

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Mini John Appelt
Determining the exact date of Jesus’ resurrection is possible. Luke 3:1-2 pinpoints the start of John’s ministry in the 15th year of Tiberius. The first year of Tiberius, who was co-regent with Augustus for two years, was in AD 12. This means Jesus was baptized and began His ministry in AD 27, when He was about 30, Luke 3:23. The word “about” is in the narrow sense of days or weeks, not months or years.

In his Gospel, John mentions only three specific Passovers, John 2:13, 6:4, 11:55, which indicate Jesus’ ministry was no more than 2½ years. This places His death and resurrection in AD 30. This agrees with the many historians who noted that Jesus was crucified in the 18th year of Tiberius.

Christ died on Friday, Nisan 14, just when the Passover Lamb was killed, Leviticus 23:5, I Corinthians 5:7. On the third day, Jesus arose, Acts 10:40, I Corinthians 15:4, Luke 24:20.

Unlike Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread which were on specific calendar days, the date for the Feast of Firstfruits was not. It was always the day after the Sabbath, i.e., Sunday, during the week of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Leviticus 23:11. In AD 30, it happened that Passover was on Nisan 14, the Sabbath on Nisan 15, and the Feast of Firstfruits on Sunday, Nisan 16, three consecutive days. 

The timing of the birth of Jesus attests to the timing of His death and resurrection. Thirty years before AD 27 would be 3 BC. His birth also had to be before Herod died. Contrary to what is said, Herod did not die in 4 BC. In that year, he was demoted by Augustus from “Caesar’s Friend” to “subject.” Herod actually died in 1 BC at the age of 70, but his sons antedated the beginning of their reigns to 4 BC. When Herod killed children two years and under, Matthew 2:16, he calculated the Child would be in that age group.

Another confirmation that Jesus was born in 3 BC is that Caesar Augustus celebrated his 25th year of reign as sole leader over the Republic in 2 BC (his 41st year of total reign started in 31 BC). In anticipation of this, he authorized a census and loyalty oath be conducted in every province between 3 and 2 BC. This census brought Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, Luke 2:1. 

Also, according to Luke 2:2, the census took place while Quirinius governed Syria. History records he governed about AD 6-7, when he conducted an enrollment, alluded to in Acts 5:37. But history also says he governed twice, but historians cannot fit it in with the traditional date of Jesus’ birth. Historians do not know who governed from 3-2 BC, but oddly enough, Luke did, and placed Quirinius there, conducting the first enrollment.

With this consideration, the combination of history and chronology places the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday, Nisan 16, or according to the modern calendar, April 9, AD 30.

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