Are people who claim to talk to God insane?


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Head shot Tom Lackey

I talk with God every time I pray. God has spoken to me verbally three times. The first was as I became a born again Christian. God pushed me on my shoulders to the ground in my home hallway and said in a loud clear voice, "That C (that I had written on a goal note and stood for confidence) that you have been chasing stands for Christ, accept Him." I did.

The second time was a year later and one day after my first wife died. I was overwhelmed, not with grief because my wife was born again and in heaven, but with not knowing what to do next. I had three sons, aged 10 to 1 1/2 . God said, "Tom, close your eyes, think about Me, and when you open them again, you will have a picture of what you need to do next." What a gift that was!

The third time was one month later. All three boys had fallen asleep in a borrowed camper on the way home from a weekend camping trip, so rather than waking them up, I parked in our driveway, and I went to bed in the house. I was awakened from sleep and God said, "Jeff is calling you." I went out to the motorhome and all the boys were sound asleep. I then realized that God was telling me to pay closer attention to my boys. Jeff earlier that day had tugged on my pantleg a few times saying "Daddy" and and I had said, "Just a minute" because I was talking to a friend. Thank you God for waking me up.

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