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Can Christians have boyfriends/girlfriends?


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Mini Ngozi Ken Udochukwu

We run a Teen Girls' Ministry and it is a repeated question in our meetings. I think we have to start with who is a boyfriend /girlfriend. Is it a friend of the opposite sex without no emotional attachment? or is it a person of the opposite sex whom you are emotionally attached to, without any commitment to marriage but may be engaged in amorous relationship which Biblically is exclusive to husband and wife. 2Tim 2: 22 says flee youthful lust. 1 Tim 5:22 says keep yourself pure. These passages guide us to the kind of relationships we can keep. I know the question will most likely satisfy the curiosity of young single christian. 2Tim2: 22 calls us to first "flee" then "pursue". This tells us that throughout our lives we are either moving from or moving towards some thing that commands our interest.
Paul is speaking to a younger man. Let godliness be our goal. Let us exercise ourselves in godliness and not to anything that we lead to us to any form of compromise. An emotional relationship of people of the opposite sex with no marriage in view may not be healthy spiritually and emotionally.

December 10 2013 Report

Mini Samantha Harold

Yes I agree with your statement. We should be careful about having such relationships as Christians. It sends mixed messages to our young people when we even allow them to go out on dates. The Bible only makes references to relationship between husband and wife. So therefore it is evident that Christians do not have boyfriends or girlfriends. Any relationship not geared towards marriage puts both parties at risk of unnecessary emotional about and it could lead to premarital sex or even unplanned pregnancies. It is a lot that could happen. Also it could lead to going from one relationship after another. And by the time your spouse comes along, you are full of baggage from the emotional and soul ties. So it is better to avoid these situations as much as possible. I pray this helps.

December 11 2013 Report

2013 09 15 08 57 49 546 Dorcas Sitali

Yes, it is not good to go from one relationship to another hence it is important to pray concerning a life partner because when God shows you, He shows your life partner husband/wife so there is no try and error

December 11 2013 Report

Photo Enoch Joshua

(Y) Samantha

December 11 2013 Report

Mini Michael oluwafemi

my opinion Is that it is not good enough to have a boyfriend or girlfriend as Christians because even though we are in this world we are not of the world. We should be able to desern what is that good, acceptable and perfect will of God as we are spiritual beings, and this is done by being patience and looking up to Jesus Heb 12:2, and not as the world does it's own without bothering about what Jesus says.

December 13 2013 Report

Mini Samantha Harold

Yes I agree with you. We must trust God with everything that concerns us. We are not of this world so we must not take on the things of this world. Just because everyone around us is doing certain things does not make it right. We must teach our youth and the singles to depend on God even for a future spouse. There should be no dating or we should not even worry because God knows what we need and when we need it. Our work in Christ requires faith and trust in our Lord. Also we must obey him and not go our own ways. Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend is definitely going our own way rather than God or the Bible.

December 14 2013 Report

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