Can Christians have boyfriends/girlfriends?


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Mini Samantha Harold
Praise the Lord! As Christians we should not have boyfriends or girlfriends. This not the will of the Lord. God have called us to be led of the spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh. God institutes marriage and no one living according to the will of GOd had boyfriends or girlfriends in the Bible bible. Read Genesis 2:18-25. The bible mentions nowhere about having a boyfriend or girlfriend. This is a imitation of marriage and it is distraction from individuals living in the will of God. It leads to many temptations and unnecessary emotional harm. It is best to wait on the Lord for a spouse.

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Stringio Abimbola Famuyiwa
I love the question here's my answer Paul said in 1 Corinthians 6:12 (KJV) All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. Therefore it is a matter of choice but clearly not all can accept this.

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20180103 152227 Selina Struzik Homeschool student
I think that having a boyfriend/girlfriend is okay as long as it's sanctioned by your parents and you abide by Gods word. (waiting for the "marriage bed") If your parents say no for whatever reason, then you should call it off, and perhaps, attempt to rekindle the love at a different time under your parents approval. Hope this helps. :)

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Data Oluwatoyin Ajibose Wife, mother, grandmother, minister of the Gospel
I wish to state here that a true child of God should avoid having boyfriend or girlfriend because of the attendant pitfalls. 

By the Grace if God, I have been married for almost forty years and have also been a marriage counsellor for about twelve years in the church. There is no benefit that can be derived from boyfriend and girlfriend relationship except that it will eventually pave way for falling into sin of fornication. 

The world has crept into the church. That is why we hear of 'dating' or 'going-out' even amongst Christians these days. This to my own understanding is not Biblical.

 When a sister or brother is old enough to marry, the proper thing is to commence Christian courtship. They must be supervised by older Christians like their pastor or leader. Visitation must be restricted and must be in company of a matured adult Christian.

 Courtship must not exceed 12 months to avoid pitfalls. No matter how strong in faith, believers must be careful in the area of relationship so that they don't make a shipwreck of their calling before they set sail. 

My advise to a Christian brother or sister in such relationship is to desist forthwith. The Lord will uphold us all to the end in Jesus' Name

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Mini Jose camberos
I'm not saying is bad to have a boy or girl frend depending your motive on the relationship and yes you will open doors to temptation even the strong will fall I know the bible says do not awaken love until it's ready this is my interpretation if your not ready for marriage then it's better not to awaken love

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