How should Christian parents respond if one of their children comes out as gay?


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Stringio Rita Gerard

I first learned of my Son's alternative life choice after sending him off for his freshman year of College 1998, of which month later I also learned he withdrew himself unbenouced to us, his family, which is totally unlike him? So I learned he was entertaining the gay tendencies as I woke up late one night to ask why he was still up as it was 3am? Which when I saw it all on the computer screen. Where he had been talking via internet with other boys/men? I immediately felt I was falling to the pits of hell and began to scream "NOooo!" When I ran to confront him I startled him and he ran, got into his car and later joined the Airforce, thus the distance for 15 yrs now since. He did say when I asked why he never told me? He said because he knew I was against this and that it was a sin, so felt could not ever tell me. I was not prepared for this which reminded me of scripture about the thief, he does't let you know when he is coming. Eventually we came to just respect one another's stand so he does not share this part of his life with me out of respect I my request...as he asked me not to push God down his throat as well. Was this a mistake? As the bible teaches God is love but also what does light have with darkness..and truth, if God is sovereign who am i to question or even believe he would change my Son's life/heart? As I also learned He devotes some to destruction and some for mercy..please help/pray..as I dont want my Son to go to eternal darkness? Standing..

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Mini James Gardner

Youre going to be ok. Keep on praying; God controls everything.

May 06 2015 Report

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