What is the Catholic Bible?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Many Christians are surprised to learn that the Catholic Bible is different from the Bible used by Protestants. While all 66 books found in Protestant Bibles are also found in the Catholic Bible, t...

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Stringio Vincent Mercado Supporter Skeptic turned believer, Catholic, father of 3
The Council of Carthage, called the third by Denzinger, on 28 August 397 issued a canon of the Bible quoted as, "Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua son of Nun, Judges, Ruth, 4 books of Kingdoms, 2 books of Chronicles, Job, the Davidic Psalter, 5 books of Solomon, 12 books of Prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Tobias, Judith, Esther, 2 books of Ezra, 2 books of Maccabees, and in the New Testament: 4 books of Gospels, 1 book of Acts of the Apostles, 13 letters of the Apostle Paul, 1 letter of his to the Hebrews, 2 of Peter, 3 of John, 1 of James, 1 of Jude, and one book of the Apocalypse of John."

The Catholic Church had that list ever since.

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Mini Daniel Carlson Pastor of the Community Bible Church in Aguila, Arizona
I have a reprint of the 1611 King James Version of the Holy Bible (by Hendrickson Publishers - 2003).  In addition to the O.T., it also contains the Apocrypha and a "Bibliographical Introduction" of some 50 pages.
       On page 43, I found an interesting statement explaining why the King James Version outpaced the other English translations of the day.
       "The words 'Appointed to be read in Churches' literally expressed the facts that this Bible was printed by the King's printer with the approval of the King and the Bishops for use in churches, and that no competing edition ... was allowed to be published."
       The King James Version took the place of the Bishops' Bible which was the "authorized" version from 1585 to 1611.  This Bible in turn had replaced the Geneva Bible (which appeared in 1560) and had enjoyed supremacy among English translations for several years.
       Earlier English translations included The Wycliffe Bible, Tyndale's New Testament, Coverdale's Bible, and Matthew's Bible. 
       The King James Version has itself undergone several revisions.  When people tell me that the KJV is the "only version" authorized by God in English, I need to know which revision - the 1611, 1612, 1613, 1616, 1629, 1638, 1659, on up to 1769 (which most current KJV  editions follow, and which has over 24,000 variants from the 1611 edition).

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