Was Jesus Christ married? Did Jesus have a wife?


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Data Janet Pittard

I am not a scholar, just a simple believer by faith, & have been so since a I was a small child. I know & believe from all that I have ever read, ever been taught, & heard through many different church denominations & different pastors, ministers, Sunday school teachers, speakers & Bible study group discussions, all focusing on the Bible scriptures (both old & new testaments) & the life of Jesus Christ & all that He taught His disciples & whoever would hear, --Nowhere in my 65 years on the earth have I ever heard that Jesus ever married, or considered or contemplated marriage to anyone. He was only on the earth for the sole purpose of fulfilling prophecy in offering Himself to take onto His shoulders, the sin of all mankind, past, present, & future of all those who would listen & accept His free offer of forgiveness for their sins. He gave up His own life, & took their place on the cross in payment for those sins. I would say to anyone who doesn't understand something in the Bible, ...Do not worry about what you cannot understand. Just know by FAITH that there IS an an answer, & God will answer & explain all our questions when we get there. Just let your heart be at peace, study & learn & teach all you can of what you DO learn & understand to others, stand in the light of His Word, open your heart & be flooded with His love & guidance. If you love Him & follow His teachings with a willing heart, in just "the blink of an eye, we'll all be with Him in Heaven. :)

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Well said (well written) Janet! The Bible has all the answers through our Guiding Light.

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