If God is all-powerful, why does He not just kill Satan?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
One of the mysteries of the Christian life is why God didn't destroy Satan immediately after Satan sinned. We know that God will one day defeat Satan by throwing him into the Lake of Fire where he ...

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Stringio Phillip Ramirez Actor-Musician-Bible Student
To start, consider Job 2:4, which reads: “Skin for skin. A man will give everything that he has for his life." Here, Satan is speaking in an audience with God about the man Job. With this statement, Satan is not only calling Job's integrity into question, but all of mankind's as well.

A vital issue was raised in the garden of Eden, when Satan led Adam and Eve into disobeying God. Satan questioned God's right to rule by calling God a liar who withholds good from his subjects... insinuating that God is a bad ruler. When Adam and Eve sinned, they effectively said "We don't need God as our ruler... we can decide for ourselves what's right and what's wrong." How would God respond?

Your question is one way: Why didn't God simply destroy Satan and the rebels and make a fresh start? Remember: God's original purpose for mankind was to fill the earth with the offspring of Adam & Eve. Besides that, getting rid of the rebel Satan wouldn't have answered the question raised about God's right to rule. So, in the manner of Jesus' illustrations, let's consider the following...

Imagine that a teacher is telling his students how to solve a difficult problem. A clever but rebellious student claims that the teacher’s way of solving the problem is wrong. Implying that the teacher isn't capable, this rebel insists that he knows a much better way to solve the problem. Some students think he's right, and they also become rebellious. What should the teacher do? If he throws the rebels out of the class, what will be the effect on the other students? Won't they believe that their fellow student and those who joined him are right? All the other students in the class might also lose respect for the teacher, thinking he's afraid of being proved wrong. But... suppose the teacher allows the rebel to show the class how he'd solve the problem.

God has done something similar to what the teacher does. Remember that the rebels in Eden were not the only ones involved. Millions of angels were watching. (Job 38:7; Daniel 7:10) How God handled the rebellion would greatly affect all those angels and eventually all intelligent creation. So, what has God done? He has allowed Satan to show how he would rule mankind. God has also allowed humans to govern themselves under Satan’s guidance.

The teacher in our illustration knows that the rebel and the students on his side are wrong. But he also knows that allowing them the opportunity to try to prove their point will benefit the whole class. When the rebels fail, all honest students will see that the teacher is the only one qualified to lead the class. They'll understand why the teacher, from this point forward, removes any rebels from the class. In a similar fashion, God knows that all honesthearted humans and angels will benefit from seeing that Satan and his fellow rebels have failed and that humans are incapable of governing themselves. So, just like the prophet Jeremiah, they will come to know a vital truth: “I have known, O Jehovah, that not of man is his way, Not of man the going and establishing of his step.”—Jeremiah 10:23 (Young's Literal Translation)

Hope this information helps!

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Mini OTTIS MACHIRI Construction Manager, Member of Christ Embassy Church
I believe that this is all part of the grand plan which the Creator has in preparation for the world tomorrow. When Lucifer rebelled in heaven, it was a free will choice which he made and this resulted in his banishment from heaven. Never before had any angel caused such a stir. Because of his nature of love God did not destroy the rebellious angels opting rather to let all their evil machinations unravel to the fullest for all to see. Thus when the first man Adam was created, he easily fell prey to the scheming of the devil and God's 'project' was put in disarray, at least for the time being.

It is important to note that both Lucifer and Adam were created with free-will having an ability to choose between good and bad, God not wanting to force obeisance from them. It is God's spiritual law that the transgression of his nature which is called sin bears the penalty of death. Since both entities (Lucifer & Adam) sinned they faced the same fate unless if befitting propitiation could be found. In the fullness of time God sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross to save mankind. If it was in his make-up the devil also could be saved if he had chosen to repent. Those who accept the lordship of Christ shall avert death and be prepared for eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

BUT, in this new kingdom never again will the Creator want to witness any form of rebellion as what happened with Lucifer at the beginning. In His great wisdom, God had to allow the inhabitants of the world to witness the full display of the devil's tricks and vices and the consequences which sin has brought. God is letting the full character of sin to develop so that the world (mankind) may fully comprehend the mission of the devil and thereafter allow each individual to make a free will decision whether to choose life or death.Because the have observed in this world how the evil one has brought untold suffering; wrecked havoc; caused diseases e.t.c those who will opt for heaven will never be moved to sin or transgress God's nature in the new utopia to come. This is the 'plot' which God has brought on humanity instead of him forcing us to worship Him. If we follow His nature we can never walk in sin.

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Imag0495 Lynn Willis Obedient Daughter of the High King of the Universe
As a born again Christian, at 56, I see the world SO differently now. I can see the miracles, I can see the demons, I can see how satan uses EVERYTHING at his disposal to lie, steal and destroy us... because he hates us. We are God's beloved, and he knows he has lost and what his ultimate demise is to be. Free will is the one thing God gave us that He respects the most, and He gave it to us and satan, with limits of course for our Lord is ALL powerful, whereas satan has only limited powers on earth! One thing i do know is that while God loves us, He hates sin. There can be NO sin in heaven whatsoever! 

As we walk with Christ, we become Christlike but it is a walk that takes time too, what is referred to as sanctification. In obedience and humility we love our Lord God, and are continuously cleansed by the Holy Spirit each and everyday we continue in that walk. We are born into sin, ergo that black spot is a part of us. We need to learn to love and appreciate the righteousness that God gives us through our relationship with Him, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. So in short, i see this earthly time of life as a "training ground" for heaven... to become perfect enough in living in God's ways here, to be able to reside with our Lord God in heaven.

So in short, satan exists to glorify God in all things and in all ways!

in HIM,

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Mini John-Luke Muresan Part-time Children and Youth Minister of Arthur Pentecostal
The summary is, for the same reason He doesn't destroy you.

Now, there are some common misconceptions about the Devil:
1. The Devil is not omnipresent, he does not tempt everyone because he can only be in one place at one time.
2. Satan only whispers, and if you're a believer it would appear that the majority of the whispering is your own flesh. In other words, you tempt yourself [James 1:13-14; Romans 7:14-8:4].
3. Satan does not rule hell, nor is he a King in it, rather hell and death and him will all be destroyed by God [Revelation 20:10-15]
4. Satan does not receive the blame for the Fall, rather Adam and Eve do and God in His justice knows one fact, the devil never makes you do anything, you simply do what you want to do. This is the struggle with the sin nature. [Romans 5:12; 1 Corinthians 15:45-49]
5. Matthew 10:28 is about God and not Satan.
6. Good and misery ultimately come from God, not Satan [Lamentations 3:38 - the word sometimes translated calamity is "הָרָע֖וֹת" the definite feminine form of "רָע֖" which is used to refer to every form of evil in the Old Testament, in other words, in the Old Testament there is no distinction between misery, evil, calamity and so forth all come from the same God].

So in the end what is the devil: a fallen angel whose judgement is certain, who is ultimately not responsible for the fall, a being who only has the power given him, who to the Son of God could only tempt Him [Mark 1:12-14] and accomplish his purposes [Luke 22:3; Matthew 26:23], who has no control over life or death, who has no say in the destination of anyone's soul.

At the end of the day, we ask the question as a substitute for this question: "If God is perfectly good and all powerful why does He not get rid of all the evil in the world?" As for our devil question I would frame it like this: "What would be the purpose of God destroying Satan?" If would almost be more prudent to ask why didn't God just kill Hitler? Why didn't God just kill Stalin? 

The reason is this, for all our self-righteous hubris we are no better: 

But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers. For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. For he who said, “You shall not commit adultery,”also said, “You shall not murder.”If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a lawbreaker.[James 2:9-11]

In this passage God takes favouritism, equates it to adultery and then equates it to murder! We are all guilty for there is no one righteous not even one [Romans 3:10-18]. "Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!" [Romans 7:25a] 

After the passage of conviction [James 2:9-11] the Holy Spirit proclaims the heart of our God will triumph for He is a merciful God [James 2:12-13]. The reason Satan does not die yet is the same as the reason why God decided to redeem sinful humanity in the first place [2 Peter 3:9], God is not slow! He simply needs enough time to love everyone and then the general is coming with keys in His hands [2 Peter 3:10-13; Revelation 1:18]. In my mind, the existence of Satan is no less an act of love than the our continued existence and redemption.

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Mini Melissa McCartney
What greater motivator is there, to turn your life over to the Lord, than the work of Satan? Worked for me!

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Mini Dailo KULLAI Auto-Rickshaw driver
My opinion is that if I become God (God who is just me in mentality,but having all the powers of God) I would suppress, punish, and kill anyone who I hate or oppose me, and bless only those who please me. Imagine what the world would become, so as the Bible says His ways and thoughts are much higher than ours. So our God is worthy in every aspect. I hope this answers your question.

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Mini Priscilla Quarles
God is all powerful and all knowing. He made everything for a good reason even Satan. Put yourself in God's shoe's If you made a man in your image after your likeness where he can have whatsoever he say and given he all power over the works of your hands? How would you control the situation without controlling the person? God uses Satan to keep us on the right path and exposes whats in your hearts until we grow into the maturity of your faith and power. Adam and Eve are perfect examples they had free will to choose. Satan made them realize their mistake and they got back on track with God.

Satan let us know the knowledge of our motives thats in our hearts, which help us to grow closer to God. When you fail a test it let you know how must you really know. That's why the bible says count it all joy when you fall into tests James 1:2, because the tribulation worketh patience,then, experience then hope and strength,Rom.5:3-6. Satan was in the plan Of God because God knew through the freewill of men they would fall until they begin to walk. When men start walking like sons of God there will be no more need of Satan. God already knows you, you need to know so that you can grow and fulfill the will of God,to live happily ever after.

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Mini Kathie Watkins
God has an appointed time and sin must come to completion. Everything God does He is specific that His judgment is righteous. It is obvious that there have been significant things happen about every 2,000 years. God knows when the Lamb's Book of Life will be filled and then Satan's time is up. 

Satan will be released at the final of the final days and God will cast him into the Lake of Fire for eternity to suffer the vengeance of God. There hell (Lake of Fire) will become an eternal infernal and all those that have been redeemed will live on a new earth and a new Heaven. 

All old things will pass away and everything will be new for the Believers. Until then, just as it is for man's appointed time to die and then the judgement, so it will be for Satan. God is in control and knows all things. 

However, Satan knows his days are becoming shorter and he will go about as a roaring lion seeking those he will take to the Lake of Fire with him. 

Repent and believe in Jesus that you will not have to live in a eternal burning fire where the presence of God will be no longer.

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Stringio Vin Smith Concert Pianist. Piano Tuner. Talk Show Host. Novelist.
A major plank in God's decision to create human beings for planet Earth was to create freewill in the process of that creation. It is that freewill choice that Adam and Eve exercised in the Garden of Eden when they disobeyed God’s command to not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

The only way for God to demonstrate not only mankind's freewill--but freewill for all of creation--is to allow Satan to do his thing: "Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.(1 Peter 5:8) NIV

Killing Satan from the point of warfare in Heaven up until this very moment would have not been part of a perfect plan of salvation. That plan is an open book for all life that God has created to observe.

Truly, we can sing with joy when performing How Great Thou Art. His plan of salvation--which includes casting Satan and all of his followers into the lake of fire at the appointed time is utter perfection.

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Img808 Bartley Verner Elder Emeritus, Christ Presbyterian Church PCA
Our purpose is to worship and glorify God.  Each person comes to Christ by God's grace and therein lies the glory to Him.  There is no glory for God in destroying Satan; Satan and his following are ultimately doomed.  Meanwhile more souls turn to God giving Him more glory.

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Belfastfella Casper Mcconnell Casper the Irish
When the Archangel Michael talked with Daniel about this, he spoke respectfully, rebuked but would neither judge nor condemn Lucifer. Even Jesus in calling him wicked would not curse or despise the devil. Lucifer, like you and me, is a spiritual creation. The devil can no more be destroyed (as in anihilated) by his Maker than you can. Angels such as the Devil were also made in God's holy Image no less than we were.

In any case, Lucifer for all his great and good qualities was corrupted not by feeling rebellious. He led the worship in heaven..soon he brought in microphones and stood center stage. His sin was pride. How could killing Satan destroy the sin of pride? Look to the bigger picture. God's purpose is not to wipe out every rebelling creature He ever made. Thank you God!

Eve did not rebel, nor did she simply disobey. Her sin was not pride. So what happened? She loved God, met and walked with Father daily, adored His likes and dislikes (laws), how He spoke, what He said. When the Devil whispered in her ear "how would you like to become more like the god you worship?" she began to think Yes! I want to be like Him, with my own likes and hates, personal opinions of what is good for me. Her sin wasn't pride nor disobedience, but independence. Look how many independent churches we have, all of us wanting to meet with God in our own way and none in the way He taught His people to worship since Abraham.

Our stubborn determination to be independent from Him is just as rebellious as the Devil so if God could have obliterated everyone who turns to his own way then you and I would be toast a long time ago.

So many contributors talk of the Fall of Adam as though it was Satan who invented it or it was Eve's rebellious heart, but no-where in the bible is either of them held responsible for sin entering the world. Nor indeed is Satan blamed for Adam's freewill and deliberate choice to leave the Presence and go out with the woman he loved so much he would give up everything for her.

Satan is a defeated enemy. He was outwitted and broken at the cross. You have nothing to fear from him, all you have to do is resist him when tempted and he will run scared by your light and power. 

How much better is it that God is able to use dumber creatures than this powerful proud angel to persistently outwit and defeat him. How humiliating. 

Satan has no hope of redemption, knows defeat by daily torture at the hands of every christian trusting daily for victories. He knows God is a just God and there is no escape.

How can we too love justice (rights) and yet hope for grace (gifts we don't deserve) and obtain mercy (pardons)? How blessed are we to know God has found a way to remain just and holy toward us, punish our sin, yet find a way to show His love toward us in forgiveness. The proud angels will never know redemption, nor will "christians" who want their personal comfort zone religion, their independent ideas of What Would Jesus Do. A dangerous attractive but idolatrous sin to start wanting to be like god knowing right from wrong for ourselves...

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3870 517207918319162 861902296 n 1 Arthur Fischer
As far as God killing Satan, well Satan is a spirit and a spirit cannot die.
The Bible says that Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire and there suffer for all eternity. The other reason why God does not kill Satin is that would put fear into the hearts of angels and men and God does not want us to be afraid of Him. God is a God of love, not the fear like being afraid. For those who accept His Son, they will be accepted. For those who reject His Son, they will be rejected.

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Mini Johnnatta Giles Spirit Filled Christian
Satan is being used and he doesnt even know it. Things have to happen so the will of God can be done and God can grow his kingdom again. Just remember Job and you will see how God allows satan to tempt us so we can grow stronger from our weaknesses. Our temptations and trails brings us closer to God. Satan will be destroyed at the correct time and place and i believe it is not for us to question God about how he chooses to deal with His enemies. Just like with the flood God was going to destroy all the Earth but chose to save Noah. Our Merciful God is so rich in Grace. If He has to destroy satan He would have to destroy us all. We are Satan's children until we accept Christ as our Lord. He is the God of those who dont know Christ. So praise God instead of Him giving us all what we deserve He sent Christ to save us. God wants no one to perish.

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Raccoo Bob Johnson Layperson. Self Educated Theologically - see full bio
It's simple: Satan is Gods plan. Satan's free will or man's free will has nothing to do with it. If God wanted Satan annihilated, he would do so. Even a spirit could be destroyed if God willed it. Otherwise God is not all powerful. Apparently God wants Satan to have some power, otherwise Satan would not have any. We know Satan will be put into the lake of fire, whatever that is, because God has declared it. The Serpent of paradise is under Gods control.

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Mini Shantkumar S. Kunjam An Indian, Mennonite Church, Pastor, Administrator, Bishop,
This question has been a mystery for me for many years. I had not been able to fathom that another mystery troubled me why 'created' verb is used three times in Gen. 1:27. Still i had not been able to fathom that mystery that another question arose, When in Gen. 1:30-31 it says 'and it was so' and 'very good', how come that in ch. 3 everything is spoiled. These things were troubling my heart and then a desire arose in my heart that I must find out in the Bible what is God's ultimate purpose in everything that God has made.

Well, I found out God's ultimate purpose is spelled out in 1 Corinthians 15:28, the last phrase, "so that God may be all in all". (If you have better idea, I would certainly welcome that).

To achieve this ultimate purpose God is working on three things.

1. "having made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself, that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth - in Him" (Eph. 1:9-10).

2. "... He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved" (Eph. 1:3-6).

3. "... to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places, according to the eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Eph. 3:8-11).

In short, to fulfill His ultimate purpose, so that God may be all in all, God is in Lord Jesus Christ uniting everything in the disarrayed heaven and earth. And calling from out of fallen humanity individual people in Jesus Christ, to the praise of the glory of His grace. And gathering these individuals into one humanity called Church to proclaim His manifold wisdom.

All other things, including Satan, demons, fallen humanity, all goodness and calamities, etc., are being used by God for His ultimate purpose.

In this way the use of verb 'created' three times in Gen. 1:27, is creation of three humanity. First is a humanity in Adam-Eve that has fallen in sin. Second is a humanity in Jesus Christ recreated out from fallen humanity. Third is uniting all the new humanity in Jesus Christ, into one body to form the wife of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. (Here I am willing to be corrected by my wiser fellow believers.).

Therefore, the history from Gen. 2:4 onward, including the present history, to the end of Revelation 22 is created by God like a perfect cradle or matrix for upbringing of the new humanity. Hence it is said, 'and it was so' and 'very good'.

So friends, Satan and company is being used by God to fulfill the above purpose. When their use is over they will be thrown in the dust bin of hell to be burnt.

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Open uri20150306 28229 x4idy8 Daniel Pearl
The answer is pretty simple, the reason for the devil is freewill. Without freewill, there is no reason for the bible or Jesus. God wants us to choose to worship him. If God destroyed the devil before the world is ready, it undermind's his word. I could be like everyone else on this and quote 10 or 20 verse, but what point is that, (To prove I can read). It does not help anyone. A simple answer for a question, that it is clear that it needs a easy to understand answer.

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Stringio Thotekat Jacob
God is a just God. He will reward the good and punish the evil. That will be done on the final day. The day of Judgement. At our death bed. God has given us the freedom of will. It depends on each one of us to choose what is right and choose what is wrong.Choose either God or Demon. If God were to destroy the Satan it will be a limitation on Him. That would never happen. On the Final day he will tell the Good to come to him and the evil will be sent to perdition. The defeat of Satan will be at the end of the world.

Jacob Thotekat

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Mini Jason Dalrymple Servant of the living God, husband & father
God is all knowing and there is a lot more than meets the eye going on with the whole sin/Satan thing. We tend to think of things in our small mind set but there is a great controversy between good and evil playing out in the unseen realms. Satan's type of government is based on force and Gods on love. Satan is also a very, very clever deceiver and had he been destroyed immediately holy beings would have wondered if he was right. 

At the crucifixion of Christ the truth about Satan was finally made plain. Satan saw that his disguise was torn away. His administration was laid open before the unfallen angels and before the heavenly universe. He had revealed himself as a murderer. By shedding the blood of the Son of God, he had uprooted himself from the sympathies of the heavenly beings. Henceforth his work was restricted. Whatever attitude he might assume, he could no longer await the angels as they came from the heavenly courts, and before them accuse Christ's brethren of being clothed with the garments of blackness and the defilement of sin. The last link of sympathy between Satan and the heavenly world was broken. 

Yet Satan was not then destroyed. The angels did not even then understand all that was involved in the great controversy. The principles at stake were to be more fully revealed. And for the sake of man, Satan's existence must be continued. Man as well as angels must see the contrast between the Prince of light and the prince of darkness. He must choose whom he will serve. 

In the opening of the great controversy, Satan had declared that the law of God could not be obeyed, that justice was inconsistent with mercy, and that, should the law be broken, it would be impossible for the sinner to be pardoned. Every sin must meet its punishment, urged Satan; and if God should remit the punishment of sin, He would not be a God of truth and justice. When men broke the law of God, and defied His will, Satan exulted. It was proved, he declared, that the law could not be obeyed; man could not be forgiven. Because he, after his rebellion, had been banished from heaven, Satan claimed that the human race must be forever shut out from God's favor. God could not be just, he urged, and yet show mercy to the sinner. But even as a sinner, man was in a different position from that of Satan. Lucifer in heaven had sinned in the light of God's glory. To him as to no other created being was given a revelation of God's love. 

Understanding the character of God, knowing His goodness, Satan chose to follow his own selfish, independent will. This choice was final. There was no more that God could do to save him. But man was deceived; his mind was darkened by Satan's sophistry. The height and depth of the love of God he did not know. For him there was hope in a knowledge of God's love. By beholding His character he might be drawn back to God. 
Through Jesus, God's mercy was manifested to men; but mercy does not set aside justice. The law reveals the attributes of God's character, and not a jot or tittle of it could be changed to meet man in his fallen condition. God did not change His law, but He sacrificed Himself, in Christ, for man's redemption. "God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself." 2 Corinthians 5:19. 
 The law requires righteousness,--a righteous life, a perfect character; and this man has not to give. He cannot meet the claims of God's holy law. But Christ, coming to the earth as man, lived a holy life, and developed a perfect character. These He offers as a free gift to all who will receive them. His life stands for the life of men. Thus they have remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God. More than this, Christ imbues men with the attributes of God. He builds up the human character after the similitude of the divine character, a goodly fabric of spiritual strength and beauty. Thus the very righteousness of the law is fulfilled in the believer in Christ.

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Andy  3 photo Andy Mangus I am a Christian since October 1979 & devoted truth seeker.
For it is by the very magnanimous and incomprehensible will and knowledge of God's plans that He works all things for all of His creation, for which He has a purpose and divine reason in all that He does or does not do. 

"For why did God not just simply destroy Satan", instead of casting him down, casting him out of Heaven to put in constraints of the realm of Earth? Well, God has His plans, His ways, His love for all His creation,...His eternal plans. Well.....Satan really messed up! He had it really good in heaven as one can see when reading about his time in the heavenly places. 

God is all powerful, (omnipotent)! God is IN all places at all times; He is omnipresent! Simply, only He is GOD! Satan wanted to be like God...he wanted to be God! Well, God, the Father had and has plans for all of His creation. 

To see the rest of "HisStory", please read God's Word--- "His eternal Word of Truth, THE HOLY BIBLE!" And so, as the great Paul Harvey always said..."Now you know the rest of the story". 

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Mini Jon Davis
He will, more or less, although he won't be dead as in "uncreate" but rather as in cut off. In short, we are in that short timespan between Satan's actions and God dealing with him once and for all. I say "short" because God is eternal and we tend to measure the passing of time in terms of years which is very mortal-human of us.

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Mini Clement Lim
To kill or bring death, is to bring an END to something. At large, when I see 'killing Satan' is more in human perspective, to remove his total permanent PRESENCE (and all his deeds) from us or God. When one man physically died, his bodily death has brought grieve to his family, as he is SEPARATED from them, as same token when an evil criminal was hung, the victims rejoices over his permanent ABSENCE or REMOVAL.

Indeed killing on earth only ends bodily life, a spirit cannot die. Eternal death in its fullest sense, is a PERMANENT, IRREVERSIBLE, cut-off from God presence and all His goodness. - Life of spirit without God is lost, void of all any known goodness, dark, pain and suffering. Thus this is indeed eternal hell, no more God, no more goodness, no more mercy or grace to be expected, one can cry and scream without hope at all.

The good news to all who enter salvation: in mystery, when saints are save in the new heaven, satan and hell somehow will not be in our consciousness, it will be put far far away from God and us and satan/hell will not be able to reach us nor we reaching him. Liken Earth from planet Pluto - not accessible.

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Data Michael Bonner
Satan did NOT rebel against God, he was made that way. God ordained Satan to be an adversary. He (God) made a way to save mankind before man was ever created. Jesus died for the sins of the world before there ever was a world; before man had ever sinned. Satan is a part of our salvation. There had to be sin in order for Christ to die for our sin. 
All of mankind will be saved because it's in the plan of God. Satan was created to bring sin into the world. Christ was created to die for those sins. God certainly knows what He's doing. His ways are all based on love. 
God is creating a family and we, His children, are just like Him (Gen. 3:22,23). Satan must die the same as Christ died for the sins of mankind. Jesus completed His task by dying on the cross; Satan will complete his task by dying in hell, BUT, he too will be resurrected to eternal life with no more sin and death associated with him. AMEN

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Baduya's image kingsley baduya Missionary at Chinsapo AG
As a Believer,according to the bible in God's creation,He respects free will of a person by this I mean that God had a capacity to destroy Devil soon after His (devils) rebellion but because of this He (God) threw him instead to the earth waiting for his own time deal with him deliberately,therefore we can cannot stand on His behalf to say this and that because remember Gods ways are not our ways and Gods acts are not our acts according to psalms 103:3,so with this reason we never know what came over God to let him alive instead of killing him yet He knew what he will do from there.

Secondly and last thing as we read the book of Luke Jesus commands us (His Decsiples) to go all over the world to preach the His words (gospel) to every nations and to every man kinds,so time is not yet because we haven't yet reached Jesus's will (command) to reach many people with the gospel,people are still in the darkness where devil himself is the master of the game,remember that everyone who did not receive Him as the Lord and savior though we are all the children of God but those ones are not the chosen one and are not of His kingdom,then this just tell me that they are stll devils disciples but God purpose is that we all be saved and what He want that He (God) should have them back to God,and that's why Jesus came and died for all of us.So devil will be killed at a later stage as God wishes to be.

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Mini Bernita Rainey Missionary and Minster wife
Genesis 3:15 would be the answer to your question satan has a purpose in salvation.

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Mini Derek Moses
As a mid 30's Christian I have learned a lot along the way due to the Holy Spirit guiding me and the Lord's Love protecting me. In this I'm saying that it was God Will was at hand. What he's ultimate goal is for me I'm still learning but do know it is his will that will make it happen. That's exactly why God hasn't destroyed Satan due to the fact that it will be made according to his plan and his plan alone. We can try to understand some of his purposes are but at the end we may not understand the overall purposes at the times they occur (ex: war, death of a child, diseases and the ones affected, monetary struggles). We were giving the gift of free will and to make the decision to follow him through faith & love which also goes with believing in his plan even if we don't understand nor agree due to lack of understanding. 

As a young child you followed through the guidance of your parent/s/family member/guardian "hopefully you had someone to care for you". You didn't know at that time all thing that had to take place in order to take care of you. Your mind was not developed enough to understand. This is the same with understanding all of God's purposes. We may ask why but still may not truly understand. What can understand is: there will be a JUDGEMENT DAY which will entail everyone (living or dead, physical or spiritual). That will be the day when all evil is removed which includes not just SATAN and his associates but also the people on earth that refuses love Christ and accept him as our SAVIOR from sins which he paid the price for us to live free(physically and spiritually).

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Img00001 20130606 2157 olayinka OBADIMU
God is the All-powerful,almighty for He created and allowed all things for His purpose as we can from the creation. Even the Bible says "the foolishness of God is wiser than men and the weakness of God is stronger than men" 1 Cor.1:25. God has the right plan for Satan and his demons according to Revelation 20:10 "And the devil that deceived them(human being) was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and false prophet are, and they shall be tortured or tormented day and night for ever and ever"

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Stringio Hans Yunge
If I'm understanding correctly, the question is asking "Why wasn't Satan destroyed the moment a rebellious inkling stirred in his heart and save creation from this headache?" This would mean that the 1/3 of angels never fell, and Adam and Eve never met satan, eve never ate from the tree of life.

Understanding God's reasons can be difficult and we are not asked to understand but to have faith. If we wish to understand we must look upon this with open eyes and open hearts. We must imagine the various and infinite scenarios that could have taken place and see why those scenerios would not have worked.

1) God destroys Satan upon seeing his heart before any other created beings knows. - In this scenario Satan, in the eyes of the onlookers, killed for no reason. The reaction of creation to this would be worse than our views of Hitler. God would be seen as a random killer, senseless, someone unpredictable, like a beast. Creation would not see Satan for who he was and would be remembered as a victim. 

2) God explains to everyone what he saw in Satan and executes Satan prior to the fall. - Here God is forced to explain himself and turns politician. Like a Hitler, he rationalized His decision without creation seeing proof that Satan is bad. Satan is snuffed out, creation left to fear who will be next. If it happened once, why not again.

3.) Satan is destroyed after getting on his soap box attempting to gain followers. - Satan would then be Martyred and made a hero before anyone could see the consequences to Satans thoughts and actions. He would be a hero and worshipped just as Satan desired. 

4.) Destroying satan after fall of angels would accomplish nothing as another would stand in his place. Destroying all angels at this point would have created much fear in creation that such a massacre could happen in creation w/out war, without obvious consequences to their rebellious ways. At this point they just divided into two parties. 

5) After war in heaven. - Creation may have understood the wiping away of the rebels at this point, but the view of God would have been war hero, not merciful Lord. Creation would have had a very reverant fear of God, to the extreme. Fear may have come upon creation to not be honest with God for fear of destruction.

God needed creation to see and understand that He is Love, that he does give second chances, that we can be redeemed, and that He loved us so much that he would die for us, but that this would have to play out so that we can see Love conquer to the end and never see God as anything other than a loving God, our Father, and not a maniac, or a hero, or anything else but who he is. Satan knew this and felt he had a good chance to steer people away because of the mess that followed.

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Image Thomas K M A retired Defence Scientist from Indian Defence R&D Orgn.
We cannot limit our infinite God to our limited view. Our God is a perfect God. His plan is according to His will and pleasure and no human can envisage at all. Our thinking, our planning, our working are limited whereas God’s plan and His thinking and His activities are entirely of His own. He will do everything at the appropriate time and same case to deal with Satan.

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Mini Joseph Luna
Let's say right out in front that God is infinitely perfect in all that He is and all that He does. He is never caught by surprise because He knows all things that are, all things that were and all things that will be. 

He also knows all things that could have been but weren't, He knows all things that would have been but won't, and He knows it perfectly and infinitely and always knew all things. He is the eternal Omniscient God who lives outside of time and in time at the same time. 

even ask the question of why God didn't snuff out Satan from its inception when he sinned would indicate that God reacted to what Satan did and needed to do something right away to get rid of the problem. That alone would reveal a flaw in God’s holy character.

God does not work that way. He knew before eternity what Lucifer would do and allowed it to take place by incorporating all his evil actions into His perfect plan. The ultimate judgment has already been declared and Satan has already been utterly defeated and shown how weak he really is because he was utterly crushed at Calvary in the weakness of human flesh. 

The day of “execution” is coming fast upon him and his demonic angels.

For God as Spirit to destroy Satan would have meant He would had to lower Himself to the level of a creature in order to do so. He will not do that because He is infinite superior to all that He has created including Satan.

By the way, Satan is not God’s opposite for God does not have opposites. God is creator while Satan remains a creature and will be so forever. 
Satan was never a problem with God, but it is a huge problem with man. If man would have simply trusted God's revealed word and said no to Satan, he would had been utterly defeated at the get-go of creation and would have rendered him powerless from doing any damage to mankind. 

Let's also take note that God did not destroy Adam and Eve either when they failed to obey Him. He didn't decide to start all over again because “Plan A” didn't work out as planned. God has always had one plan and one plan only. Nothing that Satan does in union with man can frustrate God’s eternal plan. It is utterly impossible because God's plan was and is still absolutely perfect 

Satan is a liar and thus he persuades man to believe he is bigger than he is when in reality we as believers and disciples of the Lord have authority over him as long as we operate within the Spirit's leading. 

The Triune God composed of Father, Son and Holy Spirit overcame the works of Satan from before the foundation of the world, even to the point that a Lamb was slain in God's heart before time began in order to restore mankind to the fellowship He had at the beginning with Adam (Rev 13:8).

It is also interesting to say the least that no man could ever defeat Satan in the sinful condition that he finds himself in, yet it was the responsibility of man to do so because man gave him the keys of authority over all the earth.

When God became man, He defeated Satan in the weakness of sinful flesh (Ro 8:3) AS A MAN and as a MAN He permitted Satan to his worst through man. But after the death of Jesus, Satan could do no more. That is when the enemy fell in his own craftiness because he couldn't make Jesus sin. When Jesus died, He did not die for His own sins but for the sins of His creation which made His death illegal since sin leads to death (1Cor 15:56). 

In the wisdom of God, the Father through the Spirit raised Him from the death and put an end to the agony of death, defeated sin and in one brush of holy love destroyed the works of the devil forever. In other words, God trapped Satan in his own game.

After Jesus ascended to the throne of glory still as MAN, He sent the Holy Spirit to those who would believe in Him in order to teach them how to walk in life in the power of the power of the same Spirit. 

The gospel of Jesus our Messiah is the eternal declaration of victory Satan, sin and death. 

You can come home now. Daddy awaits!

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Mayor's prayer breakfast 2014 2 1 Phillip Grayson
Satan is destined for eternity in hell. The Bible says in Matthew 25:41, that hell was prepared for the devil and his angels. Isaiah 5:14, that hell hath enlarged herself for sinners that choose to follow satan. GOD has given everyone free will. GOD doesn't need to use satan, satan has an evil plan all his own. The Bible says that satan comes to steal, kill and distroy. He knows his day is coming. In Daniel 7:25, it says that in the last days, the devil will try to wear out the saints. We are there!

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Img 3185 %282%29 Meluleki Maphosa Amateur Bible Student
From my experience we ask this question because we are tired of falling into satan's snares. We wish our Almighty Father would just get rid of this problem for us. Can you imagine the beauty of life when sin and the father of it are all gone! The good news is that indeed even before God created Earth He already foresaw that Man would be tempted by the devil and fall into sin. In fact I can go as far back and say before Lucifer himself was created God already knew that he was going to rebel and lead Man into rebellion as well. Still that did not stop God from creating lucifer and Man. Genesis tells us seven times that after God finished creation it was "good". Therefore God's creation was perfect. 

Part of that perfection was that it required God to be worshiped out of intelligent love. In other words His creatures were free to DECIDE to worship Him or not. God did not set out to create robots programmed to love and worship Him. In fact His kingdom was based on the principle of voluntary love. 

Now more specifically to answer the question, by summarilly destroying satan after he rebelled, I think God would have been acting contrary to His law of love. In my view it would have added to satan's argument that God is unjust, unfair and a liar. 

Once sin entered into the world God pronounced judgement as given in Gen 3:15. In other words satan will be destroyed, not according to our wishes but according to God's plan. We need to trust that the time that He has appointed is best for us. I think God wants to deal with sin once and for all to make sure that it will never arise again not in a piecemeal fashion. 

I would like to draw our attention to the parable of the weeds and tares. Jesus specifically tells us that there is an appointed time for the destruction of satan and sin. In that context we also learn that if it is done prematurely the "wheat" will be uprooted as well. Time is given for sin to mature and in the fullness of time it will be destroyed.

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Wpid worship1 Britney Costa
God will defeat satan soon. He jailed satan in hell with a key so satan doesn't get out. Soon satan will be burning in hell with the rest of the sinners.

God loves us and he will never let anything harmful get near to us. 

The main question is, why didn't god defeat satan?

Satan is NOT God's evil twin, Satan is an angel, one of a class of intelligent created beings, just as humans are. Part of allowing angels and humans to exist as autonomous beings is allowing them to embrace or reject God's ways. God can't allow this if he simply destroys any created intelligent being who rejects Him. 

So that's why he hasn't defeated satan yet.

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Mini Joan Bombardier
Heaven as I understand it will be to have a perfect love with God and be totally absent of any part of Satan and temptation - Halleluiah! The fallen angels chose to disobey God and we are contending with them seeking to destroy us. Our goal of course as Christians is heaven. My thoughts are that if Satan was killed by God, the world would be heaven-like. This world is not my home, heaven is. We have to work for it.

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Image Bryan Naidoo founder and senior pastor of The Upper-Room Church
This question indeed must have made many a person think which ever religion he may believe in concerning the existence of the devil or satan as referred by the church.
It is very true in the mind of many that all the wickedness and evil around us is caused by the devil,
As a bible believing Christian we need to ask ourselves "who is the God of the Bible" or "how do we explain the Bible". I believe if Christians can explain and come to understand who this God is, the question of all the evil in this world will be understood. My theory concerning the God of The Bible is very simple. I generally say to people to listen to my thoughts and see if it makes sense,examine it with the Holy scriptures.

Firstly the Bible is all about God.The Bible is Gods story. It is the History of a God. If any one wants to know about God you will find his story in the Holy Bible. Children of the Christian faith have come to the knowledge of God through only one medium that is the Holy Bible..this means The Bible is the History of God. If the Bible is Gods Story,there must be role players in "His" story.All stories have role players if not person they are things. In God Story there are four main role players. Each one is created to play their role.God is the director and producer of his story.
The first role player is Man. Man has been created to worship the creator.,that is mans supreme role and the highest form of worship is "Obedience". In obedience I mean carry out the will and command of God on earth..May I just mention that obedience is better then sacrifice.
The second role player is called Satan,some refer to him as a Lucifer or the evil one.Saran is just carrying out his role. His role is to kill,devour steal and destroy as found in John:10:10. to my knowledge Satan has carried out his role very well. In fact God the father is very pleased in the manner Satan is carrying out his role. There was just one place and time where God the Father rebuked him, this is found in the Book of Job, when God rebuked him for lazing around.
The Third role player is Jesus. His role is to redeem fallen man.Redeem man who has fallen from a life of obedience. It is my understanding that every person who has accepted Jesus as their lord has now to live a life of a obedience. Man has been saved now to serve.
The FOUTH Role player is the Holy Spirit. His role is to help redeem man to live a life of obedience. He us called the Helper. 

Now may I state some facts, theologians have told us that Lucifer was a anointed cherub,a sweet singing angel. They told us that lucifer rebelled against God quoting Isaiah 14th chapter and Ezekiel 28 chapter. But what they did not tell us was who caused "lucifer " to rebel. We know who caused Eve to rebel against God. Who than cause This sweet singing anointed cherub to Rebel. If Lucifer was created perfect as mentioned by theologians, who seduced him. May I say that there is nothing absolutely nothing Satan can do without our God the father. There is only one power source..God the father is that power source..there us no other power than the Power given by God. So may I ask what can.....lucifer...Satan...the dragon...the evil one...or what ever name you want to call him can do.
May I ask if there was not evil how would you know Good, if there was no darkness how would you know light. The whole bible is Gods story. His story will end after the white throne judgement. There after there will be a new story which starts with a New Heaven and a New Earth
I wish to remind readers that I have yet to find someone to correct my theory concerning the "God Of the Bible" I would appreciate your comments

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Mini Jonathan Davidson
First you have to know who the devil is! 

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 2 Tim 3:16

Genesis 1:1-5
"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day".

• Now we know god created the earth and everything that we see outside today. God separated the light from the darkness, but what is the light? And what is the darkness?

2 Cor 6:14
"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?" (The whole chapter of II Cor 6 is relevant)

Eph 5:11
"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them". (All of Eph 5 is relevant)

1 John 1:6
"If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not have the truth".

• So now we know that the darkness is carnality and the light is spirituality! In order to walk with God we have to walk in the light! And the light is the truth!

The bible says I will make his word a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. The Old Testament is the new testaments concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed!

It is all types and shadows. Those are more or less a metaphor of the word of God. The bible says that Jesus spoke in parables, that means stories.

Matt 13:13
"Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand".

• What Jesus was saying is that I speak to them in stories because I want to find out who cares about what I am saying. Or, in other words, I want to know who wants to be in the light! The people could only see naturally because they were blinded by darkness.

Genesis 2; 7-9, 15-25

• God cast them out of the Garden with the clothes that God had given them to cover up.

"So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life".

• If Adam and Eve would have just stayed in the light by obeying God and they could have stayed in the garden, but they chose to fallow the darkness of disobedience to the light. The light does not obey darkness.
Adam and Eve leave, and they conceived and have a child named Cain and another Son named Abel.

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Mini Chris B
Joshua 24:15 
15 But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then CHOOSE for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

All of us were created with a free will. That free will comes with the God given right to CHOOSE. And in order to make a choice about something we have to have options. If there were no source of evil in the world e.g. satan, to influence or tempt us, then there would be no options and thus no choice to make. God is good and perfect and there is no evil in Him and therefore He can not tempt us and obviously would never push us away. So in order for us to make the choice to love and obey Him, we must be aware there is an alternative. 

Think of it like this. For those of us who have children or for those who do not, consider your significant other. Think about how it feels when they say they love you. Nothing can compare to hearing those words and being truly loved. But how would it feel if he or she were a robot merely programmed to say those words. It would feel empty and would be completely meaningless. It's the same for our God. 

It was all part of God's grand plan with the rebellion and fall of satan. Unfortunately his existence is necessary. There must be a source of opposition to God in this world in order for us to have the knowledge of evil or wrong, and even be aware that there is a choice, whether it be to lie or tell the truth, to be selfish or selfless, or any of the myriad of choices between right and wrong we face daily, especially whether or not to love God. But if satan did not exist as Gods opposition, we would never be aware of that choice which would nullify our free will to choose to reject Him, so in essence He would have created a bunch of robots merely programmed to love and obey Him, and what would have been the point?

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