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Shantkumar S. Kunjam

An Indian, Mennonite Church, Pastor, Administrator, Bishop,
I was born and brought in a Mennonite Christian family. After high school I was trained for three years as general nurse and one year pharmacist. Worked as full staff nurse in three different hospitals. 

The last hospital where I worked was a Baptist Christian Mission hospital. There as means to learn English I read many books in English, and all the books in English available to me were Christian books. While reading those books God worked in my heart and on March 3, 1971, I gave my heart to the Lord. 

The Lord placed a deep desire in my heart to study His word, so I left nursing profession and joined a seminary in India. I earned B.D. degree and then pastored Mennonite Church for four years.  I was ordained as minister in May 1977. I was sent for further studies in a Mennonite seminary in Elkhart USA. In two years I earned M.A. degree in Peace Studies. Returned to India and served my Church as pastor for two years.

 Then I was seconded to be associate director for the vernacular extension education department of UBS Pune, India, my B.D. seminary. I worked there for five years. Then my Church invited me to head the service and fellowship organization of Mennonite Church conferences in India. I was there for13 years. In Nov. 1994 I was ordained as Bishop of my Church conference. During this time I was chair of the Asia Mennonite Conference for one term of six years from 1998 to 2004. Part of these years I remained honorary pastor of my local Mennonite congregation. 

In 2002 I retired from my salaried job of heading the service and fellowship organization. In Nov. 2013 I completed 70 years of my life and retired from active Church ministries. I am married to a school teacher, now retired. Four daughters all settled in life and having their own families. Have four sons-in-law and six grand children, oldest is thirteen and youngest is one year old. In 2004 the USA seminary where I studied honored me with life time achievement award. These my responsibilities privileged me to visit about 18 countries. 

At present I do some translation and writing works. I enjoy reading the answers and writing in eBible. I have written a lengthy article on second coming of our Lord. I would like to get it printed in a book form, though I am re-editing it at present. Praise the Lord. Shantkumar S. Kunjam. 

P.S. : In India I am known as Bishop Kunjam, but oversea friends call me Shant, which I like the best. Thanks a lot.

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