If God is all-powerful, why does He not just kill Satan?


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Mini Logical Faith

Exactly! he MADE Satan, sin he could make it go away if he wanted to... maybe he's entertained by people heartbreak/religious torment??

February 25 2014 Report

Stringio Toni House

Because God wants the devil to be tormented forever :)

May 31 2014 Report

0 1 Steve Wilson

Sometimes we think God is like us: See Psalms 50. The question draws God's Omnipotence into light to be examined as an easy answer. Maybe a better question would be, with whom is God more patient and loving? Ourselves or Satan? By experience, we know it is easier to be patient with those who love us than with those who rebel against us. God hasn't solved this issue if we see it based on the things we attribute to Satan working on. We do see it as solved if we take him at his Word; what is reserved for him has already been decided. Satan gets no 2nd chances, will not experience God's grace on a daily basis and has no hope of ever doing so. And, on a technicality, Satan is spirit and cannot be killed- at least according to what we "know".

May 31 2014 Report

Mini Gene Coleman

Satan was a angel. Angels were not created in the likeness of God. It was intended for angels to be messengers and servants of God. When satan and his followers chose not to do this, God had a place (Hell-Lake of Fire) prepared for him and his followers. Love, hope, grace and forgiveness seems only to be offered to man - not Angels, but I don know why, but He doesn't have to explain does He? Maybe we need to be thankful we are part of mankind and not Angels.

March 13 2015 Report

Mini Guy Hawthorne

Satan is used for the creation of our Free Will. I believe we are created to love God. But, true love must be freely given. God didn't create us to MAKE us love Him, like robots. We have the choice. I believe God loves seeing our Faith. Faith in what we cannot see. He could show himself anytime, but then faith is useless. To truly love Him, requires our faith, and our Father smiles widely when we do this, which we were created.

March 15 2015 Report

Data Danny Hickman

Logical Faith,
Evidently, we have a different opinion about logic. God didn't make Satan sin (if that's what you typed) and He didn't create sin (if that's what you typed). Your post is a little confusing.
If God is "entertained by tormenting people" He's doing a great job at keeping it from getting out, what with the way He keeps our cups running over with new wine and all. I won't list any scriptures, they defy logic so I don't think they'd be appreciated.

May 05 2020 Report

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