What is the Lord's prayer and should we pray it?


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Mini Brian Ansell

There are several versions of the lords Prayer and some argue about its name but that does not change what they are talking about. It can never be compulsory just like believing in Jesus and or God can never be compulsory but if you read it quietly and think what it actually says to you I believe it will help you to put things in perspective and to lead a life that is more fulfilling to you and those you meet. Try this one from Ignatious Loyola " teach us good lord to serve the as though deservist! To give and not to count the cost! To fight and not to heed the wounds! To toil and not to seek a rest, to labour and not to ask for any reward! Save that of know that I do your will" I leaned that as a young Scout and I find it very powerful as is the Lords Prayer I do not care who first said them I do care that they make me think about what I do and why I should do it.

December 09 2013 Report

Mini James Roberts

Thy Kingdom Come, I believe refers to "The Kingdom of God, coming to earth. As in the Kingdom of Heaven, manifesting itself on earth. "As it is in Heaven" There is no sickness in heaven, no strife, no evil, no pain, no anguish, no depression etc... all of those things are not allowed in heaven. That part is teaching us to pray about how the reality of heaven should show up in the earth around the children and of sons of God. God's will is what happens in heaven, He has the same will for that to happen on the earth! We are to pray for that same reality to show up here on earth. Around Jesus, there was "The Kingdom of Heaven in manifestation" That is our example.

December 26 2013 Report

1387128289 BenK Cohen

I am a Messianic Jew. I have been commanded to say the Amidah (Standing Prayer) three times a day.

I believe that the prayer AKA "LoRD's prayer" contain elements of the Amidah and that as a rabbi, Jesus was perfectly in His right to not only encourage Jews to pray this prayer but also say it in it's abbreviated form.

January 05 2014 Report

Mini Brian Ansell

Ben K all religions are based on shared beliefs. I can never understand how any belief thinks it can command anyone to do anything. Belief must be free choice if not it is not a free choice. Of course people are free to follow whatever they choose.

January 05 2014 Report

Snapshot 20120401 4 kennith burkett

I always when I pray to God use this as a direction of how I pray to praise him first let him know that I understand who he is ( his greatness & power ). My desire for his kingdom (heaven), to be manifested in me (earth), ask forgiveness for my sins & to meet my needs. From here I can make my request made known to him, that he will have fellowship with me. Then I meditate on him and listen to what he has to say to me, this is how I have develop a personal friendship with God. Try it some time, there nothing like it.

January 19 2015 Report

Open uri20150816 3767 1tn9rak mark wilkinson

One of the hardest things we find it to do is to forgive others when they let us down. Our tendency is to want revenge in some form or other - by words or action. The Lord's Prayer reminds us that we ought to forgive because we have been forgiven, and goes on to request that we might be delivered from the temptation to retaliate and from a heart with evil unforgiving intentions. The prayer reminds us that ultimately the Lord is King: He is in charge of every situation and he gives the power to overcome and he will have the glory in our lives as we submit to his will in all things.

November 30 2015 Report

David goliath victory hg clr Jim Tumlinson

Commonly called the Lords prayer are the verses; 'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.

This set of verses is unfortunately taken out of context and taught to Christians as a formula or a way to pray. The reason I say it is taken out of context is because Jesus was not talking to Christians when he told his disciples this prayer as well as this prayer would and does mislead Christians and brings confusion. This is what I mean; Jesus was talking to Hebrews and this is the first time He refers to God as father and tells them to refer to God as father. Before this God was not referred to as father though the Jews had many names for Him, father was not one of them.

Another thing to note is that they were under the law and the statement "Forgive us as we forgive others" applies only to them and not to us. We Christians are forgiven whether we forgive others or not since our forgiveness is not based on our performance or behavior but solely on the grace of God.

We know God does not tempt anyone nor will He lead a Christian to be tempted so as to fall into sin so the statement to lead us not into temptation does not apply to Christians as well.

I am sure there are many other meanings that we may not understand but the one thing we need to understand is that this "Prayer" is not for Christians, and any person that has a relationship with their father does not talk to them like this but is more on a personal level and one of admiration and adoration that's not to say that if one wants to use this as a guideline to pray by they are certainly welcome to do so but there is no necessity to pray this prayer as some denominations do. It does not make them wrong in anyone particular sense but may lead one to feel obligated to pray this prayer or pray like this and thus not really have a sincere relationship with the Father not to say they wouldn't though Jesus did say something about those who have repetitious prayers. For more thoughts http://graceoveryou.blogspot.com/2016/07/the-lords-prayer.html

Prayer is simply communicating with God as one would with anyone else, I understand that not all will agree with this however we all have our own relationship with God our father and whatever works for you and your relationship is between you and Him.

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