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kennith burkett

preacher,teacher & 40yr. student of the bible,
 I am retired, because of health reason. I was raised in various denomination. in adulthood mostly apostolic. I preach & teach at many churches under the authority first of God then my church The Church of God Hope, pastor: Tim Warren, Gadsden, Al. 
 God saved me when I was 17 yrs. of age. I am now 56 yrs.old. 

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Was Mary, mother of Jesus, more perfect than Adam or Eve?

From the fall in the garden till today all but one person has been born into...

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How long did Lazarus live after Jesus raised him from death?

This is a very good question, the bible does not tell us, but as I ponder...

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How many children did Noah have?

Noah's family details are recorded in Genesis 6:10 and also 9:18. In the 10th...

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Is Jesus God? Did Jesus ever claim to be God?

Yes, in many places, one in John 8:58; &38, ch. 14:8-10, ch.20:24-29, in...

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