Is there such a thing as a soul mate? Does God have one specific person for you to marry?


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Stringio Lukalu Paul

What God said about divorce?

January 04 2014 Report

Stringio Tammy Ring

I love this verse! I always thought there is such a thing as a "soulmate". I recently got baptized again and saved again and my father told me about the Ebible app and I love it. I am excited about learning things that the bible says that I never knew.

February 02 2014 Report

Mini Mariea Montemayor

Saved again? When God gives you a gift He doesn't take it back. Salvation is a gift from God.

January 29 2015 Report

Mini Wanda Jenkins

Hi Tammy, I also love ebible.com and have learned things I thought I knew. Yes he is married to the backslider, meaning he will never leave us, but we can leave him. Glad you are back in the fold.

January 16 2018 Report

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