Is remarriage after divorce always adultery?


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Either the abuser or abused will try to justify issues in the marriage to find reasons to get out of a marriage. However when you are in a relationship these types of things don't start after the wedding day. They begin somewhere before you say I do. The reason why the bible speaks of marriage and how serious it is it's because you should make sure you know this person before you make that commitment to God. The problem with today's generation it's so easy to divorce and its a big business(attorneys, separation, child support etc. No one is held accountable for their commitment God. You talk about hurting the children do a study on children of divorced parents and see how many are in trouble with the law, high school drops the list goes on. I don't blame any person I blame society. So many people minds have be altered in to believing what ever make you happy is right and that's not true. All I'm saying when God says it that's it. Stop letting society play mind games. All they want is your money.

December 23 2013 Report

Mini Matthew Harrison

I agree

February 04 2015 Report

Mini James Kanniakonil Sebastian

If Christians walk by the basic tenets of Christianity, divorce would be very rare. Although adultery is ground for divorce, the Bible does command us divorce a spouse because of adultery.

October 27 2016 Report

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The bible doesn't command us to divorce because of adultery...it is the only reason we may divorce.

September 10 2017 Report

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