How can demonic strongholds be overcome?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Before demonic strongholds can be overcome, we should understand exactly what demonic strongholds are. The word stronghold appears only once in the New Testament (2 Corinthians 10:4), and the Greek...

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1609837556.788317 Nike Kolawole Caterer, linguist, Sunday school teacher and evangl at RCCG
A stronghold does not always appear harmful or dangerous. It can start as an innocent thought, a harmless suggestion. If you don't check it against the word of God it becomes an acceptable way of thinking (mindset), then it becomes a habit (character) which defines who you are (become). That is why we have 2 Corinthian 10: 4-5. 

The best weapon against demonic strongholds (which can just be a mindset or a bad habit) is always weighing every thought, decision, desire, against what God's word says. You have to cast down (discard) everything that does not lineup with God's word.

Yes we cannot take on demonic forces in our strength, but we need knowledge of the word of God, Hosea 4:6, 1 cor 2:12, Colossians 1:13. God has already made available spiritual power Luke 10: 18-19 that can defeat demonic forces. You need to believe this, you need to confess this, and you need to make sure that your lifestyle does not give any opportunity for demonic forces to thrive in your life. You must ask God to fill you with his spirit to strengthen you inwardly. Spend time alone with God, so you can have fellowship with his spirit, as Jesus did frequently while on the earth.

The greatest wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit, he will show you what to do, he is the spirit of might, revelation, grace and truth, you can't lose any battle with him helping you. Luke 14:15-17.

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Mini Grant Abbott Child of Father, Follower of Son, Student of Spirit
From a Christian theological perspective, a demonic stronghold is an evil and wicked place of influence, power and control in the life of a Christian or a local Christian church. The purpose of a demonic stronghold is to advance Satan’s schemes: proliferate evil and wickedness; destroy people’s lives; destroy the earth; neutralize, disable, paralyze, and destroy the effectiveness of Christians. God has established his church and called every Christian to be part of the process of establishing his kingdom upon the earth to bring righteousness, justice, love, faithfulness, holiness, etc. All of Satan’s schemes are designed to stop the kingdom of God from taking back control of the earth.

All demonic strongholds are seeded with lies and deceptions that stir up the sinful desires of human flesh. Christians can be seduced into believing these lies and then acting upon these temptations which result in a myriad of different sins. Christians are drawn away from a close personal relationship with God, and the spiritual power of the Holy Spirit is supplanted by the demonic power of demons. When a particular sin is repeated often enough, in thought, word or deed, it may become a demonic stronghold which enslaves the person in some form of habitual or addictive behavior or paralyses them from an effective Christian life. We are familiar with many examples of these types of behaviors like drug and pornography addictions, lust, greed, fears, anger, hatred, bitterness, etc.

The good news is that every demonic stronghold can be broken and destroyed in the life of a Christian with the resources that God has made available to us. God may intervene in the situation and miraculously set someone free from a demonic stronghold in an instant. However, I think most of the time these demonic strongholds will be overcome with a lot of hard work that takes time. It will always be a team approach involving the afflicted individual, other believers in a local church, and the Holy Spirit. The primary resources will be faith, prayer and the Word of God (the bible).

The first step in the process is identifying that a demonic stronghold exists. I believe it is not that difficult. As we examine our lives, there may be a specific sin that keeps recuring. A prevailing attitude, pattern of speech or repetitive behavior that we instinctively know is not good for us but we’re unable to stop it. That could be a demonic stronghold. If the sin is drawing us away from a personal relationship with God or any involvement in a local church or is making us ineffective or unproductive in our Christian life, it is likely a stronghold. The Holy Spirit will confirm it through prayer.

The second step is to assemble a team to engage in this spiritual battle until the stronghold has been demolished. This team should include a senior pastor (with experience in spiritual warfare), mature lay Christians who minister effectively in the spiritual gifts of Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Discerning of Spirits, Healing, Intercessory Prayer, and Teaching. Then begins the process of prayer to discern from God the nature of the stronghold, how it developed, and how it will be demolished. Besides dealing with the demonic forces at work, there will also be pastoral care required to deal with forgiveness issues and past hurts; then discipleship training to develop a solid foundation of faith and practice.

The process of deliverance is essentially replacing the EVIL that is present through a demonic stronghold, with the GOOD that is present through a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Empowered by his Holy Spirit, this results in holy living and the fruit of the Spirit. When the strong man has been disarmed and the house swept clean it must be filled with the righteousness of Christ. The person must be discipled thoroughly so they are always protected from subsequent spiritual attacks by the full armor of God.

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Mini Melissa Korth
It is with strong will of the mind and faith of God can you then understand all about demonic or evil doings. We all know right from wrong. We are taught about doing the right thing from schools, parents, grandparents etc. The little voice that interups you out of the blue, is the voice of reason and usually the right way of doing it. You should listen. You should also know a relationship with God is necessary.

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