What is the difference between microevolution and macroevolution?


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Mini Sherry Lefler

This is a VERY important distinction that every Christian should know & understand.

Creationism is often the Achilles heel in discussions between Christians & non-Christians, with Christians appearing ignorant!

Thank you for this article. I have already forwarded!

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Stringio Gareth Mccombe

I recommend going to www.creation.com, its got literally thousands of articles on all things sciency, including articles on micro and marco evolution, as well as things like the flood and any discipline of science!.

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Mini Sherry Lefler

Thank you, Gareth, for recommending the website. In the brief minutes I've looked at it, it will be in my favorites.

I have this ongoing "discussion" with my agnostic brother about Christianity... He's an intelligent fellow & doesn't let me get away with anything! :) Which is OK.

So I have to approach things very logically (and as science-based as possible) with him. I should add that I, too, prefer logical, fact-based explanations. (That said, I can & do accept that there are Many things for which I will never... on earth, at least... have a satisfactory explanation. And that's where Faith comes in, partially.)

One of his interesting responses was that "just because there's no EVIDENCE of new genetic material doesn't mean there isn't any!" [MY paraphrasing] Which, of course, I had to say, "isn't that a form of FAITH??"

Whether or not he believes in this particular concept, he showed that he CAN have Faith! ;) Little steps for little feet (as my Dad used to say).

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Mini Larry Truelove

At a very fundamental level, if you know where to look, trans-species evolutionists assume a great deal BEFORE they begin to present their so-called evidence.

For example, they will present a series animals and claim them to be examples of evolution. But that assumes evolution and does not prove it. In a very real sense it is circular reasoning, assuming what it seeks to prove.

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Mini Sherry Lefler

Good attempt...

"One" may know the end result, but unless there is some Reasoning associated with it, it really doesn't FLY.


January 22 2014 Report

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