How does DNA point to the existence of a Creator?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
 Over the millennia, believers in God have marshaled numerous arguments in an attempt to demonstrate God's existence. Various forms of the cosmological, ontological, and moral arguments have been d...

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Mini Mike Dumais
It is interesting that the word in the bible translated into English as "rib" better translates as "curve". The DNA molecule structure is a Helix Curve.

Understanding DNA allows us to trace creation's development back to a point of origin. As a result we can ascertain the movement and development of current human populations as well as all other species. 

What is interesting is that the order of creation traced through retrograde DNA analysis is the same as listed in Genesis. 

Also interesting, is that the Human Genome Project identifies a "Biblical Eve" about 

That Adam preceded Eve is not just Biblical, it is scientific, the male contains both X & Y chromosomes, the female X only and male sperm determine the sex of the offspring.

The GOD is refereed to as "He", male, is not simply a linguistic anomaly, it is indeed entirely consistent with science. 

Also very interesting is that all present day human mitochondrial DNA, which is traced through females only, can all be traced to an individual ancestor living +/- 6500 years ago. 

This is not proof of the Eve of the Bible, even though many Christians believe it to be, it is simply evidence that it is the only surviving line, that all others died off. This is entirely, scientifically, consistent, and what we would expect to see in the genealogy as the result of the Great Flood. 

What are the chances that a bunch of Bronze Age nomadic goat herders got all that right all on their own,

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Mini ainsley chalmers Medical Research Scientist, devoted family man.
Yes DNA is a highly complex molecules with all the information needed to create a cell. It is written in a 4-letter alphabet (ACGT) unlike English which uses 26 letters to impart information. In the microbe there are 3 million letters used to make this bacteria whereas in humans there are 3 billion. Evolution would have that a microbe goes to a mouse, monkey and eventually man by adding 1,000 fold information. Biology just doesn't work that way and so evolution is impossible.

DNA information in humans is contained in 23 chromosome pairs. Put simply, it is like having this information in 46 volumes each containing 2,500 pages. In contrast the bacteria would have one volume of 100 pages.

Some of this information (about 10%) goes into making tens of thousands of different proteins. For example those supporting the cell structure, those used as enzymes etc. The rest of the DNA (90%) is used as control elements within the cell controlling the protein making machinery. For example like a dimmer switch for a light bulb.

The system is more complex than this. The book volumes (chromosomes) control each other. For example chromosome 1 may have control effects on parts of chromosomes 8, 17 and 20. The complexity gets mind boggling. And when other control factors are considered like pseudo genes, gene methylation ones mind goes into melt down.

All this complex information is built into a cell smaller than a full stop and screams out the incredible creative ability of our creator God Jesus Christ. 

To say that this all happened by chance is such an insult to our God. Rather than admitting, with all this evidence, that God created they say that they cannot allow a divine foot in the door despite their crazy theories. Really atheism is a very illogical faith.

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Nils 1 Nils Jansma Missionary in San Diego California
Another simplistic way DNA points to the existence of the God of the Bible has to do with aging. From and evolutionary perspective, we should live forever except for accidents. 

Think about it. The longer we live, the more offspring would be born. That fact is an evolutionary advantage that should have resulted in a generational increase of age for every living thing. This fact is a scientific mystery that has produce only a few unsupported theories to date.

Only very recently have they been able to isolate genetic factors that may be instrumental in the aging process. The data upon which they base their findings comes from, in all places, a worm called C. elegans, a free-living nematode. 

Surprisingly, this worm possesses many genetic traits that are found in almost every living creature, including humans. Currently an international consortium of laboratories are collaborating on a project to sequence the entire 100,000,000 bases of DNA of the C. elegans genome. This effort is primarily motivated to find out why we age. Death, apparently, is not a normal process. With the proper genetic equipment, we should live forever.

I am not sure how many religions tell us why we die, but I do know that the Bible does. Of course you know the story about the “original sin” of Adam and Eve which is the Bible’s reason for our getting old and dying. You also know that the Bible tell us Christ Jesus will eventually conquer death and restore us back to normal. (1 Corinthians 15:22-26)

So, the fact that we die of old age when we should live indefinitely, is additional proof that God exists, in my opinion. 

This information is discussed in detail in the September 8, 2017 Journal of Genes & Development if you are interested.

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