What would be considered Baal worship today?


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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Shomer
I humbly submit for your consideration the annual Baal worship service held around labor day annually in Nevada within the Black Rock Desert. 

The mainstream media covers the annual “Burning Man Festival” event as simply an “arts” and “music” festival. Not reported is these 70,000 or so attending are Wiccan, Satanists, nudists, new agers, sorcerers, earth-worshippers, and curiosity seeking party revelers making this their largest gathering in the world. (Acts 19:35)

For eight days these revelers from around the globe dance the nights away as loud music blasts a wide range of music. These all night dance parties include invoking the pagan deities, nudity, unrestrained sex and drug use. While during the day party goers are treated to “artistic” displays and “spiritualistic” exercises, which include worshiping pagan gods. With every occult practice on full display. (Judges 17:6)

What is never reported is that the biggest draw for these party goers is the free, casual sex that is absolutely rampant at the Burning Man Festival. (John 7:24)

And it isn’t just one on one sex as they actually have an orgy tent or temple that is open twenty four hours daily. And in these temples every manner of perversion is glorified. (Proverbs 26:11)

This festival has become so popular that visitors from other nations are following in America’s footsteps launching their own free spirited love events in Israel, Africa, Spain, England and Australia. (Jeremiah 23:27)

They all follow the same philosophy and principles as the original mother Nevada gathering. (Psalms 14:1)

Bottom Line:
The Scriptures point to a moral sexual depravity that will exist in our world during the last days, that period just before the time of the end. 
Our generation is witnessing the fulfillment of this end time sign in unprecedented ways. (2 Timothy 3:1-4)

“God looks out for fools, drunkards, and the United States.” 
~Otto von Bismarck

In the Lord's freedom....warrior on

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Figtree logo thinkspot 500x500 Scott Broberg Fig Tree Ministries
In the Hebrew language, Baal as a noun means "lord or possessor." As a verb, it means "to have dominion over or be lord over." 

Additionally, the local deity (near Israel) "Baal," was a god of rain and fertility. He was the god that provided - food - for the people. 

Looking at these two definitions we can say that anytime you make ANYTHING into God or try to replace God with another provider would imply that you are worshiping another "lord." 

Unfortunately, it is all too common that we place our trust in a false god rather than the God who created and sustains all things. God is truly our provider - but it is in HIS timing, not ours. 

From Adam and Eve, humanity has had difficulty placing their full trust in God. We have moments of weaknesses where we look for another "lord" to provide for us. We acknowledge God exists but we do not make him LORD over all things. 

In ancient Israel, this was particularly acute because so much of life depended on the rain and the growth of the crops. The moment your anxiety goes up thinking that God may not provide for you it is all too tempting to start looking for other avenues to ensure you have what you need in the future. 

In my opinion, this has not changed at all. In moments of high anxiety, we can easily start looking for a different savior - a false Messiah - thinking that they will have the power to deliver us.

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Open uri20130807 12032 18udcoo Chris Button Retired Fire Captain, sinner saved by Grace
Worshiping anything other than God could be considered Baal worship. It doesn't have to be specifically Baal or any other god for that matter. Basically, anything we put ahead of God, we've turned into a god or an idol.

In the Old Testament, the first of the ten commandments is to not have any other gods besides Yahweh. In the New Testament, Jesus said to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

If you have put anything ahead of God, you are worshipping an idol. Period. If you find your identity and ultimate satisfaction in anything other than God, you are worshipping an idol. Period.

If you're looking for specific practices to see if something is Baal worship, you don't even have to look anything up or research anything. You're either worshipping the God of the Bible or you're not. Humans have a tendency to turn good things into God things. I still catch myself doing this at times. I need to recognize when I'm doing this and repent, turning towards God instead of away. If I don't see it happening in myself, I pray a fellow loves me enough to point out it to me so I can get back on the right track. 

I hope this answers your question.

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