How should we pray during this Covid-19 pandemic, bearing in mind it may be part of our sovereign Lord's plan?

Covid19 may somehow help many unsaved to come to Christ and therefore be a part of God's plan. Alternately, there may be other positive reasons for its presence that only God alone knows. Therefore, praying against it may not be in His will. How do we pray about this horrid virus?

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Data Danny Hickman

I hope the people who think that there's some good to come from a pandemic never says so to people who have lost friends and loved ones to this virus. I hope God is never "credited" with the sending of such suffering.
Yes, God is sovereign in all the affairs of life. Nothing happens that God doesn't allow to happen, and nothing is missed by God. That doesn't mean that all that happens is God's "will" to happen the way that it happens.

Yes, God always has a plan.
Was it God's "plan" for mankind to sin and die? He knew man would sin, and He knew that sin would lead to death. But man sinning wasn't His "plan."

Jesus giving his life for sinners was God's "plan" before the foundation of the world (Rev 5:9).

Peter wrote to people who were going through intense persecution and suffering. He comforted them with these words: The Lord doesn't want any of you to perish, but wants all to come to repentance. 2 Pet 3:9

He doesn't say, 'God is allowing you to suffer;' that wouldn't endear them to God. He simply assures them that God will ultimately come to them, so they are to be steadfast in their christian conduct.

Here is God's testimony of Himself:
The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy. I come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).

The thief is behind the pandemic.

If your son asks for a fish would you give him a snake? Mt 7:10
God doesn't give His children snakes.

Yes, He allows snakes, but Satan inhabits the snake, Jesus doesn't.

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Mini ainsley chalmers

There are no simple answers to suffering and death suffice to say it is evidence of a fallen world. God is in control and His ways are above our human thinking. Even in this pandemic tragedy and suffering God can make good come out of it. Though we currently cannot see it, in time maybe we will.

In the natural way of thinking, Christ's death was a huge tragedy but through His suffering He gained for us our eternal salvation, praise God.

July 19 2021 Report

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