What does the Bible say about oral sex?


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Img 2267 Dmitriy Gulevkin

the answer is simple: in a moral sense, the mouth is not designed for sex. God created sex for a woman made vagina for the male member.

December 05 2013 Report

Data leon ray

Since God was so displeased with Onan (Gen 38:8-10),for spilling his seed on the ground, how much more angry would He be with us for spilling our seed carelessly. Point one of five.

Bro Ray

December 07 2013 Report

Mini Peter Alamilla

The problem with Onan spilling his semen on the ground was not simply that he had spilled it but that he denied his brother offspring.


December 11 2013 Report

Mini Leon Ray

A second thought--the book of Leviticus says that a man that has a nocturnal emission is unclean and must wash but will still remain unclean until evening. This seems to imply that our subject is forbidden. Reason 2of 5.

December 20 2013 Report

Img 20140325 0002 0002 Sandra Trasmanas

thank you for email this kind of matter it's been a long time i question in my mind if oral sex is sin.God bless.

May 17 2014 Report

Mini Andy Nicholson

I've heard it preached (and agree) that Song of Songs 2:3 seems to hint at oral sex. Sure, it doesn't say it explicitly, but it doesn't have to - it's a very vivid word picture!

I take that to mean that within marriage, it should be fine.

July 09 2014 Report

Open uri20120113 17347 9mq5kn Nick Koogler

We must be careful how we apply scripture. Must of the scriptures quoted "Onan" ect... Have nothing to do with oral sex. And Levitical law is very precise about what is ok with God. Given the precise nature of the law we must NOT ad undue implication. We risk becoming Pharisecal if we "heap law" where law doesn't exist. Where God is silent we should be wise to follow suit. When interpreting poetry or narrative we can apply principle implication but should be very careful not to deviate from the intention of the author.

July 09 2014 Report

Mini Charles Stanley

The problem with questions like this is not oral sex but the unbiblical understanding of sin. We are greatly concerned with what is or isn't "a" sin. In the Bible, sin is not so much the bad things we do, but more like the reason we do them. Sin is like a disease that makes us spiritually sick. Jesus was criticized for being the friend of sinners, but the people who were criticizing him were guilty of greater sin. Jesus Christ heals the disease and gives us significant freedom from it. The questions we ask about what is or isn't a sin are basically legalistic. One of the commentators above even wrote, "Sin is when we break God's laws." Can't we see the legalism there? Augustine was correct (Ama Deum et fac quod vis) that our focus should be on loving God, and loving behavior will flow from it. We will no longer torture ourselves with questions about what is or isn't a sin.

In fact, our obsession with what is and isn't a sin reveals sin itself. It reaveals that we think if we can just eliminate certain behaviors, we are holy. That is only phariseeism. Holiness requires that we love God, and love others.

May 06 2015 Report

Open uri20120113 17347 9mq5kn Nick Koogler

Charles I wholeheartedly disagree with your last statement and believe the the Apostle Paul would as well. Being concerned about what "is" sin is proof that our hearts are inclined to please God, the Creator that holds to a very strict standard. The Pharisees were not berated by Jesus because they were legalistic (although legalism is wrong in its extreme). The were chastized because they didn't live out their beliefs. They were hypocrites! The law was simply the best platform to showcase their hypocrisy. You cannot read the many lists of do's and don't's in the old AND new testimate and not see that sin is an action. It is also a state of being placed upon us by the actions of Adam and Eve. I believe this state is what you are referring to in which sense you are partially right but I would warn you the best lies are the ones that contain the most truth. That's why Satan tempted Jesus with scripture (truth).

Jesus said before He ascended "teach them to obey all that I have commanded."

What are we to obey if there are no rules? He also says "I know you love Me if you OBEY My commandments." Jesus says the WORLD will know that we love Him, if we love one another. As important as that is.... We are not called to the the world first GOD is first.

Jesus answered "what's the greatest commandment" with this: "FIRST love The Lord your God! Second love your neighbor" (paraphrased).

Obedience is Vital to pleasing God. Heart level, gut level, in the place that only God can see.

May 06 2015 Report

Mini Charles Stanley

Nick you're incorrect. 1) the Pharisees were condemned because a legalistic religion based on obeying rules, extreme or not, alienates us from God. For example, the Pharisees, (MT 12) from the standpoint of obeying rules, were correct to condemn Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. Jesus broke the added pharisaic rules and healed the man. The Pharisees then concluded that Jesus had to heal through demonic power, since they thought God would not perform a healing on the Sabbath.

Jesus eventually said, "The sin against the spirit will not be forgiven." The sin against the Holy Spirit, is the unique sin of the religious, who use their religion about God against God and his kingdom. God is love, Nick. We should be talking more about loving God and each other, and not whether oral sex is "a sin." This is where all forms of spirituality based on obedience to God's rules ends up. We end up making the rules and expect God to obey them. As I said before, that reveals the true nature of sin. The church teaches that spirituality is sin-management. The bible teaches sin is a spiritual malignancy, healed by the blood of Christ.

May 06 2015 Report

Mini Charles Stanley

Literally all of Paul's writings highlight the difference between sins and sin. The law of the spirit of life has set us free from the law of sin and death. Paul taught people to follow the leading of the Spirit, but we are too suspicious to trust that. We need people's money and attendance to pad the church's coffers and rolls. So the church preaching legalism and calls it discipleship. I am following Christ, Nick, not the church, not you, not ebible.

May 07 2015 Report

Data Danny Hickman

Charles Stanley you are a breath of fresh air. I haven't read anyone's comments on this thread that mirrors my own as much as yours. I especially like your two last sentences.

"The list of the many do's and don'ts." That's the problem; many believe the bible to be a book of rules. Reading it with that frame of reference is the problem. "Can I do this, can I do that"? Is this "a sin"? Is that "a sin"? When the right question is "Lord will you forgive me for my sin of unbelief which caused me to become "a sinner"?"

After repentance, which produces forgiveness, there's no need to focus on what is or isn't sin. To be fleshly minded is to have your mind fixed on the things of the flesh, but to be spiritual minded is to focus on the things of the spirit. That doesn't play well with the church, although it's right there in the bible.

Focusing on sin never helps to keep a person from sinning. Focusing on being forgiven does. But nothing is as good as knowing that regardless of what happens, you're already forgiven. There are many who read that who doesn't like what it means. They think it opens the floodgates to sinning.

Those gates were opened before anybody ever thought about being forgiven. We've been rescued and many can't handle the mode, the method of receiving deliverance. It is BY FAITH.

It's hard to judge others' "faith," so many settle for keeping tabs on others' "sins."

June 13 2020 Report

Mini George Flanner

It seems many people commenting say that oral sex is unnatural because our mouths are for eating and speaking. Really, they’re not for kissing? Kissing is a natural act and most certainly a sexual one, therefore the mouth was also created for sexual acts/pleasure. Most importantly, if one spouse wants it, the other should oblige.

Scripturally, it’s a duty of marriage to bring pleasure to your spouse, but many duties are also privileges. My duty is to support my family financially, but I also see it as a privilege. It’s about an unselfish attitude.

History is replete with people falling into adultery/ pornography because their sexual needs were not being met by a negligent spouse. This goes both ways gentlemen. Meet your spouse's sexual needs and desires, and your marriage will be strengthened.

December 14 2020 Report

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