What is divine healing?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Divine healing involves a supernatural act which resolves a physical, emotional or spiritual problem. In a Christian context, the supernatural element is God, many times through the agency of the H...

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Open uri20140324 12796 rbpc5q Andrew Osakue Ex: Chief T. Officer, Fish Farmer, Bible Teacher, Men Leader
I happen to belong to the school of thought that believes that God is still healing his people today according to these scriptures which have not lost their efficacy:

> Jn 14:12... I tell you the truth, any one who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works because I am going to be with the father. V13... You can ask for any thing in my name, and I will do it, so that the son will bring glory to the father. V14... Yes ask any thing in my name, I will do it. 

One may then ask, what are these works our Lord JESUS is talking about? Most of the works are healing the sick and raising the dead. If he says greater works than these shall we who believe in Him do, then why should healing cease when JESUS remains the same yesterday today and for ever?

To address this further, Mk16:18 says, "They will be able to handle snakes with safety, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won't hurt them. THEY WILL BE ABLE TO LAY HANDS ON THE SICK AND THEY WILL BE HEALED.? Who are the THEY? You will find the answer in verse 16: Any one who believes in Jesus and is baptized and saved. 

These are just 2 scriptures to back up the belief or dogma of present day divine healing.

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Mini James Gardner
God works through diverse ways and people. I believe many Christians formally reject sign gifts because of the abuse many churches bring when healing, speaking in tongues, casting out demons, ect. 

However, just because many denominations parade their power around (Note: their power), doesn't mean the Lord isn't active in the corners of society. 

The cases I can relate to, such as an American speaking fluent Spanish during an intense personal prayer session in Mexico, were instances that brought individuals to Christ. A healing, such as a boy having been brutally beaten and growing a new cheekbone every night, gives cause to witness to others and strength to their claims that God is real.

Miracles are not a vending machine. Everything brings glory to God and furthers His divine will to bring his sheep home. They happen in personal instances and heard through the grape vine. We work out our salvation with fear and trembling, not smugness because of miracles we perceive to pour out of our own hands.

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Photo Anthony Clinton Teacher in China
The beautiful and wonderful love of God has indeed continued the operation of the "gifts of healings"! This is not only true from a biblical perspective but from my personal experience in the harvest field. I can definitely declare that the Holy Spirit healing gifts are continuing today.

Having said that we can find ways in which Christ heals today. One as we mentioned is by the ministry gifting through a person authorized by a divine calling but and only operating as the Spirit wills. 

The other is coming by the personal faith of any individual whether by praying or speaking Mark 11:22-24. It's to be noted here that the person receiving must not have any doubt that what they pray for is received spiritually the instant they pray and then in visible reality afterwards. This is the "Prayer of faith" spoken of in James 5:15. The ministering elders of the Church when they pray the prayer of faith will bring healing miracles to the believer. It must be noted here that many who really don't believe in the Church functioning ministry of healing would not be praying the prayer of faith and doubtless receive the fruit of their unbelief. This certainly does not mean every person prayed for will be healed. God only knows the hearts of men and sometimes the person being prayed for is the one that blocks this ministry because of their own unbelief. Others may be harboring unrepented of sin that they refuse to give up and others may have unforgiveness toward a brother. Their may be many reasons some do not get healed. But one thing is absolutely certain is that a person who exercises faith without a shadow of doubt will be healed by the One who cannot lie according to his great promises particularly in Mark 11:22-24. 

Jesus said it when you act on genuine faith it shall happen. Unfortunately many people have not been schooled in the teaching of Faith Without Doubting so they often miss the blessing through lack of knowledge. James 1:5-7 though the passage is specifically related to asking for wisdom it teaches us that if we doubt we get nothing. 

Another way healing comes is by special miracles. This was happening when the shadow of Peter passed over the sick people were healed, in the Old Testament a dead body was thrown onto Elisha's bones and came to life. The pool of Bethesda when the angel stirred the water brought healing to the first one who touched the water. There is the healing that came by the cloth prayed over by the Apostle Paul and the healings that came from speaking a word in the case of the Centurian who declared his unworthiness to have Jesus enter his home. So many and varied ways that miracle healing came. Namaan healed by washing in the Jordan river seven times and Isaiah telling Hezekiah to apply a plant to his body. There are times when people have a special vision and get healed by the appearance of Christ in that vision. Gulshan ESTHER is one example.

I have no doubt that God also uses doctors in response to prayer but He also manifests His healing gifts as the sick are brought with faith to His body (The Church). Christ is unchanged in his great compassion and His healing presence continues in all the above mentioned and not mentioned ways this present day.

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