Can the return of Christ truly be said to be imminent?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The word imminent means "likely to happen at any moment; impending." When we speak of the imminence of Christ's return, we mean that He could come back at any moment. There is nothing more in bibli...

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Mini Marvin Reynolds Retired Chaplain U.S. Army Hospital
This principle is one that could be now or later. WE DO NOT KNOW when Jesus will return nor did he. The factors that are occurring right now point to the Battle of Armageddon leading to Jesus return to defend Israel and establish the site of God in Jerusalem.

The most important item that points to Jesus return is the return of Israel by the WILL of God. The Lord said he would force them to return. That has now occurred and Israel is the Nation of God again! This has occurred in our lifetime making his return at any time. Jews did not go!

Note that the Jews for over 1900 years were all over Europe and some other section of the world. In 1898 the Ambassador of England put out the proposal to the European area for all Nations to let Jews leave and return to Israel. Every one signed the Letter by 1902. Jews just flat refused to go!

In about 1913 World War One broke out in the European arena and lasted for several years. At the Close of the war the LEAGUE OF NATIONS was established in Paris and their number one order was for the door to open for the Jews under THE BRITISH MANDATE. Jews did not go. 

Time again moved on from that era to about 1938 and World War Two broke out. At the end of the War in 1945 the UNITED NATIONS was set in place in the United States by Roosevelt. One of the first items they set in place was to reestablish the British Mandate and this time the Jews went back to Israel. The cost for Jews during the War was about 10,000,000 assignations by Hitler plus the destruction of the community area all over Europe and other area making going the only way for them to survive. That is exactly what God said he would do after the destruction of Jerusalem under Roman Empire.

In 1948 war broke out in Israel and they had yet not been acknowledged as a nation but now it changed for our President in UN (Harry Truman) issued the order to the UN and others including us to make Israel a Nation. The Jews defeated the Arab's that attacked them and now they are a Nation.

When Jesus will return is not know but the MAJOR factor is in place. Israel the only Nation established by God and Commissioned by Him and appointed its location is Israel--for ever!

God has never failed to do what he said he would do. Now we are in the beginning of the end. When is not know or how long it will be is not know other then to God himself.

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Goodboy Kilian Kean Engineer
The Bible told us through prophecy that the world system would become so corrupt that God would have to stop the process for fear of self-destruction. The signs of the times predicted were: Earthquakes, Famines, Plagues, Weather changes, Ethnic strife, Hot & Cold wars, & rejection of Biblical truth. Isa 48:6 basically states: Look at the evidence to see God’s truth. Examine the below for yourself.

1.	Israel will be in the world spotlight. The supernatural rebirth of Israel occurred May 14, 1948. The Jews had to exist & they had to be in the land God gave them according to Ezek 38-39. The only time in history where Jews are in control of their homeland & Christians are on the world scene. 
2.	Jerusalem Temple will be a focus point in the news. Jewish Temple is ready to be rebuilt (plans, tools, sacrifice implements & priests are in place except for the temple building which will be built quickly). Note: Jewish temple does not go on the Muslim controlled temple mount, but in the city of David just below the southern side of the Temple Mount. 1 Chr 21:18
3.	Confederacy of nations aligned with each other against Israel. Ezekiel 38 & 39 shows that Russia (Gog from land of Magog), Iran (Persia), Syria, Turkey, Libya, Iraq, Sudan are enemies of Israel. Antisemitism will be on the rise.
4.	Absence of nations in the coalition like Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon who border Israel but will not be against them. Saudi Arabia (called Sheba, Dedan) will protest the coalition’s invasion of Israel. Ezek 38:13
5.	Continued decline of America as superpower; morally, financially, politically. The lack of a world super power will usher in the one world leader.
6.	Lack of a world leader will drive the rise of the Antichrist. People will be desperate for a world leader to come on the scene to calm the chaos. Dan 7:8 & Rev 13:5 He will rise up through deception, guile, lies, and murderous intent eliminating anyone in his way. Obama got into office by this pattern & his people (Pelosi, Gore, Kerry, Reid). Consider how Obamacare was put into law without anyone in Congress reading it first! Hillary Clinton is the same way, killing people to get into power and maintain power.
7.	Exponential increase in the rise of technology to support Tribulation events. The Bible assumes these advances are already in place.
a.	A cashless society monitored worldwide (ApplePay, GoogleWallet, PayPal, VISA, MC, AmEx) Rev 13:17
b.	Identification system on a molecular level. Rice sized implants, GoogleGlass contacts, Blood Nanobot’s. Rev 13:16
c.	Ability for all people to see the two witnesses in Jerusalem (FB, Twitter) Revelation 11:9
8.	Increasing plagues & pestilence- Ebola, AIDS, Bioterrorism, Zika, Plague, Leprosy. Luke 21:11
9.	Unusual “signs in the heavens” different from what is in Rev 6 - 18. Red Moons, Tsunami, earthquakes, asteroids, comets & the Sun’s plasma storms affecting earth.
10.	Increase of Anarchy; no respect for laws & rise of lawlessness. Evil thoughts continually on hearts and minds of the people. Judg 17:6 & Judg 21:25 Barbarism, ISIS recording beheading. Matt 24:12 Riots, Abortions and legalization of drugs. Rev 9:21 
11.	Apostasy of the Church: falling away from the Bible truths. The organized church will turn their backs on the Bible. Acceptance of homosexuality, denial of Jesus’ complete payment for entrance into heaven. 2 Th 2:3
12.	Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctioning of Israel by all. Churches will accept a doctrine of “substitution theology” wrongly thinking that Israel lost its place in God’s plan by turning away from Him & the church inherited all their benefits
13.	Move toward a One World religion. A OWR will culminate into the worship of the antichrist when he declares himself to be God in the newly rebuilt Jewish temple. Catholic Church?
14.	Israel isolated. Rise in hatred of Israel & persecution. Full blown Antisemitism.

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