Is being drunk in the Spirit a biblical experience?


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Data James Warren

I have been a Christian for many years now and believe Michael Hill has adequately and correctly answered this question!

May 24 2014 Report

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I have been corrected and rightfully rebuked for practicing these false teachings for many years and never knew it. My walk was based solely on the 'Toronto Blessing' and teachings of being drunk in the spirit and never realized it was a sin, and am so thankful now I finally know the truth about it and can turn my walk around thank you for sharing this with me and helping me to see the truth about it. I intend to be fully immersed in the Word and getting closer to God Himself and be infilled by the Holy Spirit and know that I know that I know one hundred percent it is by Him and not false teachings and practices of this word.

March 05 2017 Report

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