How do you truly forgive someone?

Do you have a process you use? Do you rely on scripture?

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Open uri20130214 3099 8zxy8b Shirley raile

Because God forgave, we must forgive regardless. Otherwise bitterness will eat us alive. The only way you can truly forgive is to ask Jesus to help you forgive. We are sinners by nature and forgiveness is hard without Jesus's help. Ask, that's all we need to do.

June 13 2015 Report

Data dee dee rash

This forgiveness issue is backwards. How can you forgive when someone has not asked for it? God does not forgive us when we are born without knowing it! reconciliation is tied to forgiveness! Let us not confuse love and forgiveness. Do we Christians forgive Isis?? No! Are we called to pray for our enemy and love them? Yes. This is a difficult subject for sure. But, we Christians seem to have this pat answer of forgiveness. No where in the Bible does God forgive without requirement of the receiving party asking for it, admitting the wrong done. When you are asked to forgive someones offence against you then you need to forgive. Matt. 18:22 As far as Luck 23:24. that is "Jesus" asking God to forgive!

June 18 2015 Report

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With what judgment ye judge, ye WILL BE judged. The way you forgive others, is the exact way in which God will forgive you.

What do YOU mean when you seek God with tears "Lord forgive me". Personally, I mean Lord WIPE the slate clean! Don't let it in any way affect my relationship with you. Don't let it hinder you from loving me, trusting me, being my friend, my father, my love. Don't take your Holy Spirit from me. Don't be mad at me. Don't lessen your favor in me. Don't stop delighting in our relationship."

So I have a great responsibility to forgive others completely.

June 22 2015 Report

Data Vickie Graves

I am someone who was taught, my family was so close we learned to forgive and and not have strife. I'm now almost 60, so I have regrouped and grown so much because my Lord Jesus Christ.
My life is good and I've learned something over and over again.
The Lord has blessed me, taught me, and so much more.
I will make attempts to do what I can to mend any wrong doing on both sides. I've been taught that sometimes you have to love from afar but always keep them in my prayers

December 31 2015 Report

Mini Linda Bodle

I have found with forgiveness that when I focused on God changing me. As I developed a closer relationship and submitted to his will forgiveness came much easier.

February 18 2016 Report

Data dee dee rash

Forgiveness is directly linked to reconciliation. God himself does not forgive everyone! It is clear salvation is the holy spirit calling us to God and us asking forgiveness. The thieves on the cross were both sinners only one asked Christ to forgive! I am called to love my enemy. Forgiveness is not a one way act. The offending party needs to ask, then it is clear in scripture we must forgive.

August 23 2016 Report

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