If aliens were proved to exist, how would that discovery impact the Christian faith?


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Mini Larry Truelove

It is for the reasons mentioned by Mr. Houdmann that I do not believe life exists on other planet---in any form whatsoever.

May 02 2014 Report

Open uri20140821 30613 ak63dj Tammie Huff

It is hard for me to believe that the universe as unfathomable as it is, that there would be no other life. That being said, doesn't make it so. Heaven is another planet yes? I am looking forword to seeing our heavenly community. Some of the Angels sound pretty wild in their discription.

December 09 2014 Report

Fb img 1438791049030 Wayne Douglas

I don't think it would impact the Christian faith. ..but may impact your faith.

August 09 2015 Report

Open uri20161114 24413 yimr0x Dallas Dreger

These are only my thoughts from a question that has been asked of me more than once,, If there was conclusive evidence of alieans or beings from another planet or galaxie,, all I would think and say is,,, Huh,, God made them too.

November 05 2018 Report

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