Are Christians homophobic?

If so, why?

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Mini Lauren Taylor

Whilst reading the scripture, I have come believe that being a homosexual is not sinful at all. However, the act of homosexuality, to lay with another man or woman, is not only a sin, but an abomination in God's eyes.

August 22 2014 Report

Stringio Bruce Morgan

The term "homophobic" gets used a lot these days, often incorrectly, but there are also those whose actions are "heterophobic" in their militant advocacy for same-sex rights.

February 02 2015 Report

Img 1309 jack Campbell

For me personally it's a matter of love whilst I don't agree with same sex relationships Jesus said to love everyone so I see it as hate the sin not the sinner and I am always very careful not to judge anyone for the same measure of judgement will be used on me. In short I don't think that I am personally homophobic I just don't agree with same sex relationships and as we have a free will to make a choice in our own lifestyle and how we live so it's not for me or anyone to judge only God can do that. So as the church is concerned we should help everyone in coming to know Jesus our lord if the church turns away from people who are living in sin then there would be a lot of empty buildings. Because we all fall short of the glory of God and to God sin is sin. In the eyes of God sin doesn't have 50 shaids of gray ,its black or white, right or wrong, holy and unholy, Christ like or unchristian.
That's my personal opinion and if I am wrong and out of line please don't hesitate to say so I'm always open to correction.

May 04 2017 Report

Mini James Williams

We are to hate all sin not only the sin of homosexuality, and most people forget that we are all sinners. God does not classify sin. All sin is unrighteousness in His eyes. The most common thing that I find is that most people don't think they are sinners. The Bible says that if you say you have no sin,we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

June 27 2017 Report

Data Danny Hickman

Christianity is the teaching that Jesus is the Messiah, the Savior of the souls of mankind. Christians believe in Him. Christians are sinners the same as Hindus or people of the Jewish or Muslim faiths, or atheists. The difference is that christians are forgiven of sin, set free from the bondage thereof. Christians who believe Jesus' death on the cross paid their sin debt to God are free from the penalty of death for sin. We confess our sins and are forgiven. 1 Jn 1:9

If a christian claims to have ceased from actually committing sinful acts, harboring sinful feelings, or living in sinful flesh, that christian is "deceiving [themselves] and the truth is not in them" (1 Jn 1:8) In other words, that person is a liar.

Homosexuals sin in just as many ways as heterosexuals. Both live in sinful flesh. After confessing to their many sins and receiving forgiveness, both continue to sin in various ways. If we could stop sinning Jesus would not have needed to be killed in order for us to live eternally. We could have just stopped sinning and that would be that.

Some men's sins are clearly evident, preceding them to judgment, but those of some men follow later (1 Tim 5:24). What is Paul saying to this young pastor? He said he "desire that the young widows marry, bear children, manage the house..." (vs 14)

Paul's instructions are not rules, they were written specifically for the church he wrote to. He's teaching Timothy how to deal with sinful saved people.

May 28 2021 Report

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