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Oswald J. Varas

Retired human, LORD's servant with an AK-47 and a big smile.
I was born in a wealthy family in Jesus, Spain, URSS, Antarctica, Jupiter, Universe, LORD. My father was a pre-retired physical education teacher, who invented the Internet together Bill Gates (Billy for friends) and because of this, we can enjoy together and united forever the Word of the LORD. My mother was the first "youtuber" and "influyer" of the Internet, and so is how did she meet to my father. My bro was possessed by Satan when he was 10, but we went to an exorcist and Satan went off taking away my bro and he died. After all this that I have mentioned, my family left me in a small church (Truckers Church, in Slokerinh, Germany, America, Earth, Solar System, Universe, Jesus) at the age of 5. There, I met the preacher Wayne B. Hurt, who taught me the faith in God and his passion for the Hardstyle. He taught me the Bible and he makes me to learn all of it, from Genesis to Revelation. When I was 20, I left the church to explore new world and to make new friends.  

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What does the Holy Bible say about the dictatorships?

I am a teacher (with a tiny heart of a student) of History and Catholicism in...

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What does God think about the SCR (Social Corporative Responsability)?

I have been working in a national company, called St. Mary the Greatest,...

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How does acquiring the latest technological advances affect our lives spiritually?

The last day I asked it to a friend and we do not know to answer it. Thanks...

Psalms 25:5

5 Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

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Did God create science?

This is a good point which a lot of people ask themselves. As you can see in...

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What did God create first, the egg or the hen?

I have been reading the Genesis of the Bible for two years and it is a very...

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